Q1. AO2: ‘It’s so over: cool cyber kids abandon social networking sites’ By: Esha Shahzad 10-M


The extract ‘it’s so over: cool cyber kids abandon social networking sites’ is a non-fiction newspaper article from THE GUARDIAN. It is an informative and slightly persuasive piece of writing that makes the reader aware of the latest researches that prove that, with the passage of time, use of social media among youngsters has declined as compared to adults who are becoming quite fond of it and seem to ‘’Kill a youth trend’’. The author has used semi-formal language and the extract is intended for the general public, namely children and adults.

The passage makes use of heavy, unique vocabulary such as ‘’exodus’’, ‘’proliferation’’ and ‘’traversing’’ which helps create coherency and authenticity in the passage. By doing so, an impression is given to the reader that the author knows what they are talking about. Similarly, jargon is used in the passage when the author refers to the online platform as ‘’cyber world’’. Once again, this helps create a sense of authority and reliability. It is an example of LOGOS and adds significant weight to the provided argument.

Facts and Statistics are used throughout to make the presented argument irrefutable. In this particular extract, the author validates their point by saying that the rate of youngsters using social media has dropped from ‘’55% to 50%’’ and for adults it has increased from ‘’40% to 46%’’. This adds on to the logical appeal of the passage which indirectly persuades and manipulates the reader into trusting the author.

Furthermore, another example of LOGOS – expert advice is used in the extract to reinforce a reason and strengthen the argument of the author. References to professionals such as James Thicket (director of market research) and Peter Phillips (regulator’s head of strategy) are made to further prove the point that adults are slowly taking over social media.

Few examples of figures of speech can be found in the passage to engage the reader and add interest in the passage that keeps the reader hooked throughout. Metaphors such as ‘’kill a youth trend’’ are used to emphasize and add drama to the argument that adults are taking over social media like they have previously done by ‘’wearing skinny jeans’’ and ‘’investing in ra ra skirts’’. Secondly, exaggeration is used in the passage such as ‘’behind the explosion in the usage of twitter’’. This makes a dramatic point and arouses emotions of frustration in the reader as they begin to realize the rapid spread of adults in sites that were intended mainly for young children and teenagers.

An allusion to the Hebrew Bible is also made by the usage of the phrase ‘’adolescent exodus’’. This helps compare the departure of children and adolescents from MySpace to the migration of Israelites from the slavery in Egypt.

Moreover, the syntax of the extract is mainly inclusive of varying sentences and short paragraphs that make the passage easier to read and prevent it from sounding monotonous and tedious. Additionally, phrasal verbs such as ‘’checking up’’ and ‘’take up’’ are used which prevent boredom amidst the target audience.

In conclusion, the passage successfully depicts the idea of the rapid increase of adults in social platforms as compared to youngsters. To do this, the passage makes use of LOGOS and varying sentence structure or paragraphing which engages the reader and informs them that the older generation are notorious for their ability to ‘’kill a youth trend’’.


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