Descriptive Essay: ‘’The Final Breath’’ By Esha Shahzad 10-M


He dragged her limp, unconscious body across the filthy, blood-coated floor. Her small frame made it a lot easier for him to carry her to her demise. The rotten scent of death engulfed the entire corridor like pieces of white cloud covering the bright, blue sky. However, unlike the purity that clouds symbolize, the scent was what completely destroys the innocence of this world.

Sarah could never, in her wildest dreams, imagine the unnerving fate that awaited her. On her way from school, she was like any average teenager- mindlessly scrolling through her phone and munching on a pack of Mnm’s. Her eyes were completely trailed off from the outside world and glued to the bright screen of her mobile phone. She was as clueless as ever.

A white SUV halted to a stop in front of her, blocking her path. Finally, she looked up and her eyes met the most emotionless and dead pair of eyes she had ever seen. The man swiftly opened the door of his van and proceeded towards her. A feeling of dread washed upon her as she took baby steps and slowly edged towards the giant tree beside her.

What was he doing? She thought to herself. Drops of water filled her concerned eyes and she as on the verge of tears. With one swift motion, the strange grabbed her by her arm and began to drag her to the SUV. Sarah resisted.

She forcefully kicked her legs out and open, her long, golden locks were all over her sweaty, adrenaline rushed body. She started punching everywhere like a fierce boxer but it was to no avail. The man was just too strong.

He hit her hard on her head with his large, thick hand and she fell face first to the ground, directly in front of the door of the SUV. She laid there, half-unconscious, before being roughly picked up and angrily tossed inside. She was aware of what was happening but her movements were restricted as her entire body fell numb. Her body grew heavier than a log by each passing second. Dreadful thoughts raced her mind.

What was happening? Why is he doing this? What have I ever done to him?

In mere seconds, the SUV stopped in front of an old, dark and gloomy mansion segregated from the world in the middle of nowhere. It looked abandoned. The man hastily opened the door and dragged Sarah by her arm and into the mansion. The entrance was covered in broken cobwebs and black spiders. Sarah took one look at the outside world.

‘’Daylight looks so magnificent’’, she thought to herself. The man closed the door behind them and she caught sight of a little, red ladybird. She envied its freedom. She wanted to see hope that it symbolized, but all she saw now was the emerging end as she took one last breath and headed into oblivion.

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