1. Comment on the style and language of passage one using brief quotations.

This passage is taken from a UK based newspaper called “The Guardian” entitled ‘It’s so over: Cool Cyberkids Abandon Social Networking Sites’. The structure of this extract is descriptive. The purpose of this extract is informative as it informs the reader about the social networking sites. The language in the extract is formal and the audience of this passage are all newspaper readers along with children and adults. The tone of this passage is humorous in beginning and then switches to being serious.

The sentence structure of varies from simple to compound sentences throughout the passage. The evidence that suggests this is “The cyber world, it seems, is no exception.” and “The proliferation of parents and teachers trawling the pages of Facebook.” These are some examples of the many simple and compound sentences the writer has used throughout the passage. This variation of the sentence structure creates a smooth flow of thought and keeps the reader continuing to read.

The author has used many statistics throughout the passage regarding social media. This is evident when “from 55% at the start of last year to 50% this year” and “In contrast, 46% of the 25- to 34-year-olds regularly checking up on sites such as Facebook compared with 40% last year”. The writer tells that the amount of young people on social media has dropped as compared to the older people (25-35 year olds) which is increasing. The use of statistics, facts and figures adds weight on the author’s point of view and makes the reader agree with the writer.

The author has used metaphors such as “kill a youth trend” and “love of being online”. This suggests that many people older than 25 are taking over the social media from youngsters and by using figurative language such as metaphors the writer highlights his point efficiently.

The writer has also used jargon such as “proliferation” and with this the writer tells the reader about the rapid increase in the social networking sites of people like parents and teachers. This creates a sense of authority and gives the reader the idea that the writer has a vast knowledge on the current situation of social media and after reading the passage the reader feels more knowledgeable.

The writer has used generalization in the passage. This is evident when “for millions of 15 to 24 year olds have now been over-run by 25-34 year olds”. This tells the reader of how many people older than 25 are driving away younger people from social websites. This helps the writer convey a point efficiently by referring to the general young adults and adults.

In conclusion the writer has produced and effective account on the current situation of social media using various techniques and keeping the reader’s eyes glued to the passage.





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