Write a story (true or imaginary) on the topic ‘Her/his life had become a kaleidoscope’ By Shameer Abdullah

”Vito! Get up! Its eleven in the morning.”
”Mom! Wait… I’ll be there in fifteen.”
I was my mothers angel. For me my mother used to clean toilets. The day she got pregnant was surely the happiest day of her life. She carried me in her belly, then in her hands and now taking care of me in any way possible. My father left us when he got to know that my mother was pregnant.
We lived in a small apartment. The walls had wrinkles and water was diving into the bucket. The consistent tip-top was music to my ears. The door squeaked when one opened it. We had little and we required little.
It was time to go out.
Kenny honked the car, ‘beep beep!’ This was my call. Everyday I would go out with Kenny(best friend), Nathan and James. James was the dumb one. He become our friend about a week ago when some crooks were bullying him. We three stood up and fought for him. The cops came but we managed to escape.
Out of us Kenny was the one with the car. We used to pick up some breakfast and played basketball in the afternoon. Outside my house were some old, rugged tires and under construction car; uncles’ car. He often visited us and gave us some financial support. We had to face some days when there was nothing to eat. I lived in an extremely old neighborhood.
“Bye mom. I love ya,” said I and gave her a kiss on her forehead.
We drove in the nineteen century Subaru. The rear part was black while the other parts were white but had turned yellow with age. We drove past the basketball court and saw those same bullies. They were bullying a young girl who was in her teens. I opened the door of the moving car. I approached them with the other three. We all looked like Dracula’s ready to get some blood simultaneously giving them an eagle’s eye.
We fought them again and not surprisingly we got the better of them. I picked up the buffed one. He was muscular but unaware of fighting strategies. Blood started flowing out of mouth like a river flowing but I did not stop. Just then… the cops arrived at the scene. We were surrounded with fences all around and cops at stood at the entrance who were holding their belts.
“Put your hands up gentlemen,” said the white cop.
They threw us on the floor and we were to meet our demise- prison. My hands were cuffed behind my back. As we drove past the fields I made eye contact with the buffed one. It was if a predator was looking at its prey with menacing looks….
We were released after some talking and spending time behind bars(prison bars). This was not our first. The cops became good friends to be honest.
It was late and I knew my mother would have been worried sick. Kenny dropped me off at the end since I lived at the very far corner of the town. I knocked at the door, surprisingly the door was open. This was the last thing I expected.
I entered the house and turned on the lights. My mother was laying on the floor asking for help. Blood was all over her. Her eyes went pale. She could not move a muscle.
I asked her, ‘Who did it?”
With immense difficulty she told me it was big muscular guy and tattoos on his left shoulder. It was him! The same person I took care of earlier. I plucked my mother of the ground and took her to our trustworthy ‘Bens hospital.’ She looked like so innocent laying on the hospital bed I vowed revenge. Her life had turned into a kaleidoscope.

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