Write a narrative about what is under your bed By Laiba Malik


A sudden movement, followed by a thud is what woke me up. I switched the lamp on and saw something flicker underneath my bed. Gingerly, I looked down to see a pair of black eyes, black horns and sharp white teeth smiling back up at me.


“Sheesh woman, chill out you’re ruining my vibe here.”

“You scared the living hell out of me!”

“Hey, words hurt.” He looked at me with pleading eyes before getting up and walking out of the door.

That’s Azal, he’s a demon, and my roommate….And I hate his guts.

My name is Rin, I’m broke, unemployed, and barely getting by in school. If I somehow do make it to my second year of college, it’ll be nothing less short of a miracle. Not to mention I have to deal with my annoying roommate.

“Rin! I’m hungry.”

“And you told me because you assumed I cared. Hey! What did I tell you about walking on the walls?”

“I know that you said letter that formed words that formed a sentence that formed a lecture and I zoned out.”

I punched him then.

Later, when I had arrived to the entrance of my college, there I saw Azal – poofed out of nowhere in all black, with his spiky auburn and fiery hair, olive skin, black horns and unforgiving black eyes.

“What are you doing here Azal?” I asked, clearly annoyed of his presence.

“I thought you said school was a peer – pressuring, soul-sucking, black hole that drains, all personality, joy and spirit.”

“Ugh, wait ‘till you get inside.”

He and I proceeded inside the hallways until I met my best friend Amy. She looked at him up and down, not noticing his horns since they were only visible to me, and turned to talk him.

“Who are you?”

“It is I, Azal, new student, party animal, menace to society, so I’ve been told. But most importantly I’m Rin’s roommate!”

Amy turned towards me, and whispered

“I like him.”

“Oh for god’s sake!”

“So how did you guys meet?”

Then, I began to tell Amy the less fortunate day I actually met him. Even though I really did not want anyone to know I associated with him. It all began at the train tracks down South. I remember I was sulking about school, friends and jobs. The usual. At the time I didn’t know, but I was depressed, and I did not know how to deal with it. I was about to throw myself into the tracks, ready for the sweet escape of death, though I didn’t mention any of this in front of them. All my thoughts suddenly vanished as I snapped back to reality, seeing Azal walk towards the tracks…

My instincts kicked in as I heard a train quickly approaching and,

“I saved his life.”

I risked everything for a demon that couldn’t even die.

“Then I offered him to crash in my run-down apartment for awhile. Azal may be a demon….But he’s still my friend.”

“Best friends?” Azal questioned hopefully.

“I wouldn’t go that far.”

I never told anyone about him because he’s an annoying little-

Bundle of joy.

“Can I murder a demon and not go to jail?” I asked sarcastically.

“Words hurt Rin” He pouted.

“Oh get over it, you big baby.”

A high tension rose in the air, the hair against my skin prickled and I think I heard a low growl in the air. Oh no, this is going to be bad, I just know it.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted three large figures stalking towards me and Azal. Blue, blond, and black hair. I had one instinct; Run and I promptly acted upon it.

“You there! Stop!” A voice called behind me.

I took Azal with me and ran for the storage closet.

“Hey! What’s the big deal all of a sudden? I was trying to admire the walls back there.”

“Who were those guys? You know them don’t you? Azal explain!”


“Oh yeah, I forgot how oblivious you are.”

“Like I said, I was admiring the walls.”

With a sigh, I walked out of the storage closet and shut the door behind me- leaving Azal alone.

“Hello there, Rin.” I was greeted by a man with rosewood skin and blue hair. There were horns on his head.

“My name is Mephis, the blond ones Zepar and the other one is Verin. And you’re about to die!”

“Oh that can’t be good.”

I saw the other two demons standing behind Mephis trying to get a closer look at me. Like predators about to pounce on prey.

“So I’m gonna guess either you guys are cos-playing magicians or you’re demons from the underworld. Please be magicians.”

Then they all looked at each other with a confused expression on their faces.

“Hey I can make a deal! How ‘bout you guys don’t kill me and we can go for ice-cream? That’s an option too.”

Verin the stepped in and said, “Yeah let’s just kill her and get this over with.”

Just then, Azal came out of the storage closet, stumbling in the process.

“Jeez! Humans and their doorknobs. Why can’t you all just teleport?”

“Young Lord! You’re alive?” Mephis asked, shocked to see him standing there.

“Young Lord….? Azal, what’s going on!?” I yelled at him demanding an explanation.

Mephis spoke up then. He seemed to be the more responsible one out of the group.

“Well the young lord is actually Lucifer’s son. He sent us a distressed letter claiming, and I quote, ‘Father, I may not be able to make it back to the underworld for I may be already vanquished by the mortal Rin by the time you get this. She’s just too strong and junk. Tell mum I love her and you know stay frosty that type of stuff. Sincerely Azal’”

Silence filled the room after I heard what actually happened. Anger was boiling within me; I was ready to send that demon back to hell.

“Hey guys, don’t kill Rin, she’s cool and sometimes buys me food and stuff. Plus she didn’t try to kill me; I decided to stay here on my own.”

“Rin, meet my friend they won’t hurt you, you don’t have to worry.”

“I still don’t trust her though,” said Verin.

“Young lord,” Mephis intervened. “You’re father, Lucifer, isn’t going to stop here. He sent us since we were closest to you and could pick up your scent. Now that we’re going to be gone, he may order his whole fleet upon us.”

“Well, we’re in a pickle aren’t we?” Azal said.

Azal transported me to the roof of an abandoned building where we could see the city moving beneath us.

“Why Azal? Why can’t you just reconcile with your father and stop this madness?”

He sighed, and turned to face the railings.

“Has it ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe….I don’t want to be a vicious demon like my dad? Rin, you saved my life. You offered me a place to stay, hell you even shopped in the men’s department at the mall so I could have nice clothes.”

“Anyways my dad sent me to earth to torture my first soul, which was you, and when I saw you I just couldn’t bring myself to take away another life.”

“And because people expect highly of you, you couldn’t go back to hell because it would be too embarrassing?” I asked.

“No. It’s because I don’t want to be stuck in a blazing fire pit there for all eternity.”

He walked away to his friends to leave me alone in my thoughts.

Ever since I saved Azal, my life has been one giant demonic obstacle after the next, but for some odd reason – not once have I regretted saving him….and even though he’s an annoying little demon- he’s my best friend.

The five of us: Me, Azal, Mephis, Verin and Zepar. We’ll be ready for the darkness awaiting us, no matter what!

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