‘Three Divine Acts’ by Asfand Mohiudin


I remember this journey. It were as if a dream from my head was projected into this world. The journey although lasted just four hours, to me it seemed as if I was on an endless road that had no end and no beginning. I can still feel the warmth of the sun on my face like a steamy, gaseous breath. The trees that stood proudly in front of the emerging sun appeared to be like masked warriors wearing black armour that were seated on horses with hooves on fire underneath them. The rocky tract looked like an open ground for worshippers whose rocks were prostrating towards the sun due to their shadows. I could feel the vibrations in my stomach as the tyres of the car I was travelling on, bumped into small rocks and dust raised up into the clouds .


1)There were mountains surrounding the road on which I was travelling. The beautiful deers walked upon those brown, dusty mountains as if they were the owners of those mountains. I could see goats with hair on their chins that looked like sharp daggers and their eyes bulged out. I remember seeing a most amazing scenario – vultures were hovering above the carcasses of dead camels and their shadows formed an outline or a ring shape around the camels. Then there was the peaceful sound of crickets twitching their legs in the afternoon. The earth smelled so different here . It was so warm and its texture was powdery, rocky, like the chocolate milk powder that collects on the sides of a mug when in excess


2)As I crossed the first area of the road , I had come across a lake. The sky above it looked like blue strokes of water colour paint on canvas and clouds with their everlasting majesty floated in the sky and were beginning to aggregate to start a thunder and lightening. The lake below the sky was so clear that it did not appear as a glass to reflect the sky above but it was so clear that it had become the sky. This was the first time time that I could not discern between a lake and sky and the lake had camouflaged itself to appear as the sky. It was flawless harmony. As I crossed that lake , I could see doves move into the lake and as they did so , the water reflected their bodies in such a way that it looked as if the doves had been sliced in half.


3)As night approached with its glittering brilliance, the sun stared to descend on the lake and it looked like a boiling, orange fluid. When I had to stop my car as it had become too dark , a thunder had begun. A thunder that sounded like a heavy body had fallen from a height and collapsed. Again , the same noice I heard but this time it sounded like the grumbling of the stomach of a hungry person. Suddenly a strand of thin lightening appeared. It was blue and purple. It were as if the lightening  was dancing and twirling within the clouds. “Show off”- I thought . There was another ray of lightening that appeared as a silky , twisted net. A shawl. I had never seen such beauty. The sky was an amphitheater and the lightening gave the night sky a shine of liquorice.

As day approached, the sun peeked and it slowly raised itself from the depths of the earth.


The coarseness and ruggedness of the road was decreasing and it made me realise that my journey was coming to an end.


Throughout my journey I had not only seen the most strangest of beautiful things and had affected me physically but it was also a spiritual journey that made me go through phases. The journey was a buffet to my eyes and the beauty could not be captured in the form of pictures but only in the mind. And if Allah removes the memory of this journey from my mind in the afterlife, then it would be unjustly for Him to do so. Let me be the witness to this experience. These three phases . These three divine acts.

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