Technology is a curse By: Khadija Kayani


Advancement in scientific technology poses a threat to humanity. Technology was merely created as a source of communication but the disadvantages carry more weightage. Students tend to spend more time on phone rather than actively participating in outdoor extra-curricular activities. Spending time on social media often leads to unnecessary arguments and may result in healthcare problems, for instance, back and neck pain. Terrorist organizations use social media for the display of their propaganda material and in order to promote their extremist ideologies. Their torturous methods of execution, beheadings and mass killings portrayed on social media are essentially what brainwashes the minds of many young beings. Technology promoting sensitive content manipulates the thinking of young adults, for instance, the hit Netflix show Thirteen Reasons Why portraying depression, anxiety and suicide has successfully managed to influence and drive saddened young adult souls into the attraction of displaying their grief through tapes before proceeding with the act of committing suicide. Several cases have been reported since its release where teenagers had adopted this strategy of exiting the world with a grand finale. It’s about time we limit or even possibly eliminate the usage of technology in our daily lives if we want to continue living in peace.

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