Q: You have been asked to write an article for your school or college magazine about people who survive in extreme circumstances. (past paper January 2014) You should include: · The difficulties people encounter · How to survive · How to get rescued Think carefully about the purpose of your article and the audience for whom it is intended. By Abdullah Sohail


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TIME magazine

People surviving extreme risk

By: James Smith

October 30,2017

People have taken many risks and have done many dump stuff, but they still somehow manage to survive. People think that if they jump from the roof of fifty foot building and land on their feet they will be able to survive without any broken limbs or bones. As Shakespeare once said, “if a bird fly’s without wings it won’t be able to survive”. But the people who are surviving all these risks or these extreme circumstances are these real?

Things people face:

People survive extreme risk or circumstances are very lucky. Talking of people surviving, there was once a huge blast on Time Square New York which had killed millions of people but also there were people who had survived that blast. People face or see many things flashing before their eyes. They experience a bomb being exploded in front of them with a human body exploding in to millions and millions of pieces. And there are also people who experience a plane crash and how they

have to survive in the jungle all alone for days, weeks or even months until they find any hope of survival or any help. For example, there was a woman, Julian Kopeck, who was going home on Christmas eve for the holidays with her mother.

She was a passenger one the plane and the takeoff was at lima airport. The plane had hit a thunder storm in the Amazon rain forest and hence the had crashed in the amazon jungle.

Julian Kopeck was stuck in the jungle for more than four days. And had to struggle a lot. She didn’t have anything to eat or nor anything to drink. She had to starve for day but she was able to survive after finding help for days.

How people survive:

Surviving an extreme circumstance is very important even if it’s the tiniest dangerous activity, one need to survive that because it can take one’s life.

Like there was a woman named Amy, who was an expert hiker, who once fell down from a mountain and got badly injured and was not able to move for four days.

Just like Amy there is also Julian Kopeck who was a passenger travelling on a plane and hence the had crashed in the amazon rain forest.

Amy was one of the professional hiker who was hiking the mountain of California Kings Canony National Park and while hiking she fell down of the mountain while going up but still survived. She had many injuries like her hips and her legs broke when she fell. But she had protection (first aid) with her which helped her to heal much quickly until had found any help.

And Julian Kopeck who also had and accident in a plane crash in the amazon rain forest. But managed survive; firstly, she found that the environment was the same as her home and secondly, her house was just 30 miles from her home.

How to get rescued:

There are many ways people can get rescued as told below:

· First aid

· Find a stream of water

· A trail of rope

· If one is injured, he/she should drag themselves to a safe spot

But someone cannot always get rescued like if a person is in the Deseret and is alone and hungry starving for food and has thrust for water so the is no sign of life.

In conclusion, people have a very small chance of surviving an extreme circumstance. As the above article tells how two woman Julian Kopeck and Amy who both had problems and somehow they had to survive. As a noble person once said, “struggles are required in order to survive in life.”

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