Q: Write a narrative, “Scared Still” and use this phrase anywhere in the essay, and give it an appropriate title. Mysterious Ms. Zulaikha by Author: Ali Muzaffar


It was not that I didn’t like Ms. Zulaikha, next door. It was just that being around her felt very weird. Well, a reason could be that we never talked to her or she never talked to us. I think the whole neighborhood felt strange about her. She had a weird looking cat that used to follow her around and sometimes I saw her holding her when she came home from groceries- well not sporadically. I always wanted to visit her house and see whats inside until that day came.

It was just like another day that I was coming home from school, and as soon as I was entering my house, a hand grabbed me by the shoulder. An electric buzz went down my spine I turned around expecting to see my mom, my annoying sister or my friend Ahmed who just lived across the street and used to visit frequently. But it was Ms. Zulaikha smiling strangely. I could describe the sight as if looking at a Monet’s painting just about right from far away but a little weird up close. Ms. Zulaikha asked “would you like to have a cup of tea with me child? Well what could I say? Ms. Zulaikha almost a stranger who lived next door inviting me for a cup of tea I obviously agreed. I followed her to her entrance door to see what I always wished for whenever I passed Ms. Zulaikha, her house from the inside.

As soon as I entered I saw a horrible sight, everything upside down and messed up. It was as if I had entered a mental patient’s room. Ms. Zulaikha swift to her action closed the door behind me. she said “now sit down my child “ but the tone was different this time it was more commanding and made me squeeze the pillow cushion beside me ,where I was sitting,  to release fear and anxiety that was developing in me. She told me that she will make me some tea and left for the kitchen. In her absence I examined the room, I was sitting in. Through my observation I could think of only one thing, “a crow’s nest”. Her cat was staring at me relentlessly from the opening of the kitchen door.

Everything was making me uncomfortable and I wanted to be out of this house immediately until Ms. Zulaikha came through the door with a cup of tea in a tray .Let’s be honest, the tea wasn’t great and the only thought in my head at that time was to get out of there as soon as possible. I apologized to Ms. Zulaikha and said that I wasn’t in mood for tea today and that I had to leave to do some homework and as I head for the door a loud demanding voice said “You have to drink the tea now!” and as I turned around to see Ms. Zulaikha, she wasn’t there! I was scared stiff. I ran for my life and away from that house as fast as I could and went to my friend’s house and called the cops. My friend’s mom gave me a blanket to cover myself up. I had never been this scared my whole life, and shivered like anything and thought about what just had happened to me?

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