Q. Should people take part in challenging activities? Discuss. By Michelle Niazi


The contraversy at hand is whether or not people should take part in challenging activities. Now challenging activities could be anything from skydiving to going to summer school; there really are only two answers to this question but the reasons to each answer are endless. A great deal of this depends on a persons personal preferences, but many opinions are also derived from the influence and experience of others; therefore, in the following paragraphs we will be providing arguments from every side to assist the reader in choosing their stance on this topic.

Proponents of the topic suggest that taking part in activities that may be physically challenging are healthy _ physically challenging refer to activities such as: skydiving, bunny-jumping, rock climbing_ and there are many reasons as to why. physically challenging activities keeps one active. There is mounting evidence that exerting your body (which only happens whilst doing something spontaneous) keeps it healthy and can aid in preventing many diseases and injuries. A recent study done by professor Raphael Khalid stated that when a person exercises regularly they have a 25% leader chance of getting heart disease. This same study was carried out again except instead of people who exercise regularly the Professor used people who took part in physically challenging activity such as skydiving or scuba diving at least once in their lives. The results were the same as those who exercise often. According to The Times those who take part in daring activities are more likely to feel more active, energetic and overall happier throughout their lives.

Campaigners against the topic, however, maintain that physically challenging activities are dangerous and may traumatise or seriously injure a person; they believe the risk is not worth taking. There is also an immense amount of evidence to support this claim. Take for example, Humza Khalid, this man had no phobias or serious fears until he decided to go skydiving with his friends, minutes before he was to jump out he began having second thoughts. Looking down from the plane_ in a trance _ he fell. His landing, although with a parachute, was not steady. He ended up breaking 3 bones along with a head injury. This man suffered from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and now cannot be five foot above the ground without having a panic attack. A survey carried out by Gallup proved that 75% of people who have skydived later dealt with some sort of traumatic disorder that was directly linked to skydiving.

Believers in the topic agree that doing something challenging, even something that could change their lives, although it might be nerve racking, is rewarding. An example of this would be quitting your job to pursue your dream. According to a study carried out by NYU stated that 85% of Americans are unhappy with the field they are in but don’t do anything about it simply due to fear of the unknown. They stick to what’s comfortable which goes on to be a huge mistake. A study carried out in Savannah showed only 5% out of the 85% leave their jobs to pursue what they truly want. One person out of this 5% should be an inspiration to all, Steve Jobs. He worked at a plain old nine to 5 job until one day he decided to become what he is today… the owner of the biggest enterprises in the world.

On the contrary, opponents of the topic complain that these success stories we hear are one in a thousand. It is also fact that 4% our of the 5% to aim higher end up at a loss. They believe a person may not always be good at what they like, so why throw away a good life if they’re not 100% sure?

In conclusion, both sides present compelling arguments, with statistics, examples as well as studies to back up each and every claim. I ,however, am inclined to agree with the statement. There are some challenges everyone must face. If someone can voluntarily take on such challenges then facing them involuntarily will be much easier. No one should live their lives in fear, because if risks aren’t taken then we may never know our full potential.

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