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Technology is a curse By: Khadija Kayani


Advancement in scientific technology poses a threat to humanity. Technology was merely created as a source of communication but the disadvantages carry more weightage. Students tend to spend more time on phone rather than actively participating in outdoor extra-curricular activities. Spending time on social media often leads to unnecessary arguments and may result in healthcare problems, for instance, back and neck pain. Terrorist organizations use social media for the display of their propaganda material and in order to promote their extremist ideologies. Their torturous methods of execution, beheadings and mass killings portrayed on social media are essentially what brainwashes the minds of many young beings. Technology promoting sensitive content manipulates the thinking of young adults, for instance, the hit Netflix show Thirteen Reasons Why portraying depression, anxiety and suicide has successfully managed to influence and drive saddened young adult souls into the attraction of displaying their grief through tapes before proceeding with the act of committing suicide. Several cases have been reported since its release where teenagers had adopted this strategy of exiting the world with a grand finale. It’s about time we limit or even possibly eliminate the usage of technology in our daily lives if we want to continue living in peace.

AO2: Meeting Mr. Tumnus By Taha Hayee


The passage Meeting Mr. Tumnus, is taken from the book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, written by C.S Lewis. This passage is written as a fantasy story which includes mythical creatures such as Fauns, Nymphs, Dryads and Dwarves. However, there are some elements of reality included as well such as Lucy who is represented as a girl, a human and a ‘Daughter of Eve’. This term is used by the author to implement Christian faith into the story which is another element of reality. The author uses multiple tones throughout the passage such as joyful, suspenseful and relief. But the mood can vary upon the different type of reader. Also by analyzing the tones throughout the passage, it is evident that the author aims to have a younger audience read the book, and it is meant to be a story of great entertainment. This passage has many themes including friendship, trust/loyalty and betrayal which will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

AO3 ‘What’s money and Zimbabwe grapples with hyperinflation’ by Maryam Baig


The first passage ‘what’s money?’ is a piece of literature taken from the novel ‘Dombey and son’ by Charles Dickens which falls under the category of fictional story-novels. Therefore, holds the purpose of entertaining the reader and so the author must use persuasive techniques to grab and maintain the reader’s attention, forcing the reader to read further. However, the second passage ‘Zimbabwe grapples with hyperinflation’ is an extract from a newspaper article and for that reason falls under the category of non-fiction articles. As it is a newspaper report it holds the purpose of informing the reader with facts, research and detailed information.

The first passage uses a great amount of descriptive and emotional language. For example: “Why didn’t money save me my mamma?” here Paul asks his father why money couldn’t help his mother escape death. This evokes strong emotional responses from the reader. However, the second passage uses informative language with the help of stats, facts and figures. For example: “many families are unable to afford a square meal.” Due to the unrealistic price rises in Zimbabwe nobody can buy anything. As a result the reader feels that it is fully aware of what is happening around the world and is therefore satisfied.

The first passage uses a various amount of punctuation for effect. For instance: “No. a good thing can’t be cruel!” here Mr. Dombey states that money cannot be an evil thing. It is pleasing to the eye and creates a smooth flow of words for the reader to read. On the contrary, the second passage has limited amount of punctuation regardless of full stops and capital letters a couple of dashes are used at the end. For example: “I don’t know if I’ll have a job at the end of the week-so many businesses are closing down.” Correspondingly both passages create a smooth flow of words for the reader to read moreover pleasing to the eye as well as creates an image in the readers mind although the second passage did not have a great amount of punctuation.

The first passage carries a various amount of ‘figures of speech’. For instance: “presumptuous atom that propounded such an inquiry.” This is a metaphor Mr. Dombey uses to describe his son, Paul, as extremely tiny and stubborn , “as if his wit were in his palm, and he were sharpening it” is an example of simile and personification. “As though the fire had been his advisor and prompter” is another example of personification. This provides a picture in the readers mind that evokes any or all the senses, can reinforce a point without repetition although often witty it highlights a point. Moreover, the second passage has a limited amount of only two figures of speech in the whole extract. For example: “people are cannibalizing each other.” This statement is an example of a metaphor and an idiom which means that people are stealing from each other in order to be financially stable. The use of figures of speech in both passages is highly effective making it easier for the reader to understand concepts used in both passages.

The first passage uses plenty of adjectives and sensational words to express the thoughts and feelings of the characters. For example: “better gaze in sheer amazement” here Mr. Dombey backs away to get a better look at Pauls gaze. It adds colour to the text as well as paints a picture in the readers mind. Whereas, the second passage uses more descriptive words and less of flowery

language to help the reader understand what is going on. For instance: “now that the currency is worthless” the use of descriptive words gives the reader a clear image of the issue being discussed.

As the first passage is a fictional novel there are various sentence structures in this passage. For example: “Mr. Dombey was in difficulty.” Is an example of a simple sentence. “Laying his hands on the elbows of his little chair and turning the old face up towards Mr. Dombey’s.” is an example of a compound sentence. This creates a smooth flow of words for the reader to read. On the other hand, in the second passage there are quite a few simple and compound sentences as it is a newspaper article. For example: “one US dollar was trading at this date at around 25 billion ZW$” the order of points affects the reader’s response.

In the first passage there is an image of Paul being presented with a sub script underneath “painting of a boy by the Scottish artist William Quiller. This portrait in Dickens’ possession was his ideal image of little Paul in ‘Dombey and son’” which clearly explains why this portrait was used and tells the reader who painted it. It creates an image in the readers mind and the reader is left feeling satisfied. Similarly, in the second passage an image of the Zimbabwe currency is provided. However, there is no sub script is presented. This leaves something for the reader to think about. The presence of images in both passages is effective to the reader as well as produces an image in the readers mind.

To conclude it is believed that the both the authors have successfully and effectively achieved their purpose in their writing with the use of various techniques such as figures of speech, punctuation and clearly conveyed messages the authors have made their passages a great read for the readers.

‘A BRILLIANT IDEA’ By Shameer Abdullah

“Get in the car!” said the policeman simultaneously pushing my head down and throwing me into the car.

My hands were cuffed behind my back. The policemen driving the car would constantly give me an eagles eye. I was being taken to the court. My brother-in-law had sentenced a file against me in the court accusing me of giving my wife (Rebecca) unprescribed pills, which lead to her death.

The judge sentenced me forty years of imprisonment; my brother-in-law had a better lawyer. John and Jim instantly became my good friends. The two brothers had chocked their father because of the fact that he would come home drunk and physically abuse their mother. The two policemen were dragging me to my prison. The passing prisoners questioned me.
“What brought you here?” asked the prisoner.
“I stole candy from the kids in the park,” said (in a clumsy voice) the other prisoner mocking me.
The policemen banged his stick towards the metal door.
“Quiet gentlemen!” said the policemen.
They pushed me inside the cubical room: white walls, broken basin, water dripping from the tap.
It was all that I had seem in the movies. My heart could not accept that I was to stay for the next forty years.
Days never seemed to pass by. Minutes turned into hours. Daily, I would get cold porridge for every meal. Laundry took place after every two days. Every Tuesday was cleaning day. Since I joined recently I was given most of the work. Toilets…I had to clean toilets.
I layed on my bed; I would often stare at the top wall. A brilliant idea struck me. The family of the prisoners would often send them some valuable things. Unlike me, no one sent me
anything. I shared my thoughts with John and Jim. I requested them if a hammer(small)
could be smuggled in. The policemen searched our room and would have surely found the hammer so I needed a place to hide it.
I also requested for a poster of ‘Lady Macbeth’, a very captivating young lady (a singer).
Her voice was the last thing I had ever heard on the radio. I stuck the poster on the wall and behind the poster I started digging a hole. A hole big enough from which i could pass.
Days flew by, months felt like minutes. I used to keep digging the hole at every night. I had not slept in years. I had sacrificed my sleep for freedom. I was a learned man and the head of prison would often take my advice. He made me read books and made me help other people learn.
Slowly, he built his trust into me. On the other hand, I had to hide my hammer. I had made a cut out in a book which made my hammer fit in the book. It fit so perfectly, it was like a match made in heaven.
Daily, I would go out to the library and take my hammer. I would dig the hole at night and the following day I would place the hammer in the book. It was all turning out so well. It was the perfect prison escape plan…
This was it! It was the day I earned freedom. I could finally look at: the birds chirping,
the youth begging their mothers to buy them ice-cream, the dog chasing its tail. I decided to escape the prison at night(since all bad things happen at night). But also the fact that there was a lesser audience to watch me escape.
I crawled my way through the hole towards freedom. I was overwhelmed but nervous at the same time. Nervous because of the fact that Jim and John would tell the on me out of jealousy.
I saw some moonlight at night the end of the hole. I could smell freedom. I hit my face on the ground and with immense difficulty plucked myself up from the ground. I fell down to my knees and looked at the captivating sky. I was a free-man.

Write a narrative about what is under your bed By Laiba Malik


A sudden movement, followed by a thud is what woke me up. I switched the lamp on and saw something flicker underneath my bed. Gingerly, I looked down to see a pair of black eyes, black horns and sharp white teeth smiling back up at me.


“Sheesh woman, chill out you’re ruining my vibe here.”

“You scared the living hell out of me!”

“Hey, words hurt.” He looked at me with pleading eyes before getting up and walking out of the door.

That’s Azal, he’s a demon, and my roommate….And I hate his guts.

My name is Rin, I’m broke, unemployed, and barely getting by in school. If I somehow do make it to my second year of college, it’ll be nothing less short of a miracle. Not to mention I have to deal with my annoying roommate.

“Rin! I’m hungry.”

“And you told me because you assumed I cared. Hey! What did I tell you about walking on the walls?”

“I know that you said letter that formed words that formed a sentence that formed a lecture and I zoned out.”

I punched him then.

Later, when I had arrived to the entrance of my college, there I saw Azal – poofed out of nowhere in all black, with his spiky auburn and fiery hair, olive skin, black horns and unforgiving black eyes.

“What are you doing here Azal?” I asked, clearly annoyed of his presence.

“I thought you said school was a peer – pressuring, soul-sucking, black hole that drains, all personality, joy and spirit.”

“Ugh, wait ‘till you get inside.”

He and I proceeded inside the hallways until I met my best friend Amy. She looked at him up and down, not noticing his horns since they were only visible to me, and turned to talk him.

“Who are you?”

“It is I, Azal, new student, party animal, menace to society, so I’ve been told. But most importantly I’m Rin’s roommate!”

Amy turned towards me, and whispered

“I like him.”

“Oh for god’s sake!”

“So how did you guys meet?”

Then, I began to tell Amy the less fortunate day I actually met him. Even though I really did not want anyone to know I associated with him. It all began at the train tracks down South. I remember I was sulking about school, friends and jobs. The usual. At the time I didn’t know, but I was depressed, and I did not know how to deal with it. I was about to throw myself into the tracks, ready for the sweet escape of death, though I didn’t mention any of this in front of them. All my thoughts suddenly vanished as I snapped back to reality, seeing Azal walk towards the tracks…

My instincts kicked in as I heard a train quickly approaching and,

“I saved his life.”

I risked everything for a demon that couldn’t even die.

“Then I offered him to crash in my run-down apartment for awhile. Azal may be a demon….But he’s still my friend.”

“Best friends?” Azal questioned hopefully.

“I wouldn’t go that far.”

I never told anyone about him because he’s an annoying little-

Bundle of joy.

“Can I murder a demon and not go to jail?” I asked sarcastically.

“Words hurt Rin” He pouted.

“Oh get over it, you big baby.”

A high tension rose in the air, the hair against my skin prickled and I think I heard a low growl in the air. Oh no, this is going to be bad, I just know it.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted three large figures stalking towards me and Azal. Blue, blond, and black hair. I had one instinct; Run and I promptly acted upon it.

“You there! Stop!” A voice called behind me.

I took Azal with me and ran for the storage closet.

“Hey! What’s the big deal all of a sudden? I was trying to admire the walls back there.”

“Who were those guys? You know them don’t you? Azal explain!”


“Oh yeah, I forgot how oblivious you are.”

“Like I said, I was admiring the walls.”

With a sigh, I walked out of the storage closet and shut the door behind me- leaving Azal alone.

“Hello there, Rin.” I was greeted by a man with rosewood skin and blue hair. There were horns on his head.

“My name is Mephis, the blond ones Zepar and the other one is Verin. And you’re about to die!”

“Oh that can’t be good.”

I saw the other two demons standing behind Mephis trying to get a closer look at me. Like predators about to pounce on prey.

“So I’m gonna guess either you guys are cos-playing magicians or you’re demons from the underworld. Please be magicians.”

Then they all looked at each other with a confused expression on their faces.

“Hey I can make a deal! How ‘bout you guys don’t kill me and we can go for ice-cream? That’s an option too.”

Verin the stepped in and said, “Yeah let’s just kill her and get this over with.”

Just then, Azal came out of the storage closet, stumbling in the process.

“Jeez! Humans and their doorknobs. Why can’t you all just teleport?”

“Young Lord! You’re alive?” Mephis asked, shocked to see him standing there.

“Young Lord….? Azal, what’s going on!?” I yelled at him demanding an explanation.

Mephis spoke up then. He seemed to be the more responsible one out of the group.

“Well the young lord is actually Lucifer’s son. He sent us a distressed letter claiming, and I quote, ‘Father, I may not be able to make it back to the underworld for I may be already vanquished by the mortal Rin by the time you get this. She’s just too strong and junk. Tell mum I love her and you know stay frosty that type of stuff. Sincerely Azal’”

Silence filled the room after I heard what actually happened. Anger was boiling within me; I was ready to send that demon back to hell.

“Hey guys, don’t kill Rin, she’s cool and sometimes buys me food and stuff. Plus she didn’t try to kill me; I decided to stay here on my own.”

“Rin, meet my friend they won’t hurt you, you don’t have to worry.”

“I still don’t trust her though,” said Verin.

“Young lord,” Mephis intervened. “You’re father, Lucifer, isn’t going to stop here. He sent us since we were closest to you and could pick up your scent. Now that we’re going to be gone, he may order his whole fleet upon us.”

“Well, we’re in a pickle aren’t we?” Azal said.

Azal transported me to the roof of an abandoned building where we could see the city moving beneath us.

“Why Azal? Why can’t you just reconcile with your father and stop this madness?”

He sighed, and turned to face the railings.

“Has it ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe….I don’t want to be a vicious demon like my dad? Rin, you saved my life. You offered me a place to stay, hell you even shopped in the men’s department at the mall so I could have nice clothes.”

“Anyways my dad sent me to earth to torture my first soul, which was you, and when I saw you I just couldn’t bring myself to take away another life.”

“And because people expect highly of you, you couldn’t go back to hell because it would be too embarrassing?” I asked.

“No. It’s because I don’t want to be stuck in a blazing fire pit there for all eternity.”

He walked away to his friends to leave me alone in my thoughts.

Ever since I saved Azal, my life has been one giant demonic obstacle after the next, but for some odd reason – not once have I regretted saving him….and even though he’s an annoying little demon- he’s my best friend.

The five of us: Me, Azal, Mephis, Verin and Zepar. We’ll be ready for the darkness awaiting us, no matter what!

Zimbabwe Grapples With Hypertension / What’s Money ? (Comparative question) By Asfand Mohiudin


To begin with, the passage “What’s money ? ” is taken from the novel “Dombey and son” that is written by Charles Dickens and the passage “Zimbabwe Grappes with Hypertension” is a news report , the writers name is not stated in this passage . The first passage is about a young boy who asks his father about the importance of money and why money has so much value while the second passage is a report that describes the problems of Zimbabwe and their locals due to the chaos caused by hyperinflation. The themes of both the passages is about money and the genre of the first passage is realistic fiction while it is non fiction for the second one as it is a news report about the current ,ongoing events in Zimbabwe. The main purpose for the first passage is to entertain as it is a story and to inform for the second one. The audience for both the passages is a general audience as the texts can be understood easily.
Firstly, both the passages begin with a sentence that tells the audience about what the content of the passage is going is going to be about – “Papa! what’s money ?” from the first paragraph and “Zimbabwe grappling with hyperinflation ” from the second passage.Both these sentences are about money even though the first one is a question and the second one is a direct statement. There is no use of statistics or factual information in passage one but the second passage has a lot of statistics used – “at around ZW$ 25billion” ,”..more that 80%” , “want 10 million” , “they give you 2.8”. So the second passage is mostly based on facts and information and the first passage is based upon an argument in which just one question keeps on extending -“Papa what’s money?” then “Papa what’s money after all ?” and finally “Papa what can it do?”. These questions intrigue the father and reader alike , it is observed ,the surprise the father has by this sentence -“what is money after all ” and he repeats his sons questions as he is reflecting upon them.

Moreover, the tone is thought provoking and serious for the first passage based upon the questions asked -“Why didn’t money save my mama?” .On the other hand ,the time of the second passage is also serious and semi formal due to its style of writing -“Zimbabwe dollar …legal tender” and “throes of economic crisis” . There was also use of some difficult vocabulary in the first passage- “presumptuous atom … propounded such an inquiry” to compare the young boy to an atom , it was a metaphor used. The second passage doesn’t contain any other figurative language apart from one hyperbole -“people are cannabalizing  each other” to show how the locals of Zimbabwe are treating one other. Furthermore , the first passage does not include a subheading but the second passage has one – “Living with inflation”. After this subheading , there are only quotations that are taken from the witnesses who actually are the locals of Zimbabwe -“hardly look after our families” , “not enough in the bank” , “won’t be able to afford prices” ,”not going to buy much ” . The purpose of these quotations is to make the report authentic There is also repetition of words in both the passages like in passage one -” money” is used six times in the passage whereas the word “worthless” is used to describe the poor conditions of the currency of Zimbabwe .

The first passage concludes itself with a question -” I wonder why it didn’t save my mama”.It tells the about that even though  money can provide you with worldly and luxurious possessions , it won’t provide you with love or bring lives back from the dead. Whereas the second passage doesn’t conclude itself but it gives us information -” many families are unable to afford a square meal” to show how difficult it’s to live in Zimbabwe. The ending is oblivious , nobody knows about the future of Zimbabwe , it is dystopian.

Overall, both the passages have achieved their purpose – the first one to tell the audience that money can’t buy you everything and second one tells us that the residents of Zimbabwe are leading their lives into an uncertain future of economic crisis.

“Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal” (Paragraph Writing) By Asfand Mohiuddin


Obstacles appear when you stray away from you goal. Your goal let it be success in fame or education , it is not an easy thing to accomplish if there are obstacles. When we talk about obstacles , we don’t talk about hurdles. We talk about distractions as being obstacles. Distractions such as playing video games or wasting your time. These obstacles prevent you from attaining your goal as they divert your mind and keep your goal beyond your reach. For example you play football and the players of the other team prevent you from getting the ball into the goal. Those players are also obstacles as they prevent you from getting to your goal of you’re not focused enough . So to prevent any obstacles , you have to be focused and determined on your goal . Do you know what happens when you los focus ? You miss your goal . Moreover ,these obstacles increase your hardships when you get distracted. By this it means that you have to work harder than before . Furthermore, obstacles only appear in your life because you let them in . This is because you start to forget your goal and you may think that you are capable enough to handle these obstacles . You can’t. Despite all this , there are small obstacles even when there aren’t obstacles . These sort of obstacles have to be dealt with daily . These are easy to overcome. These obstacles are seen and presented before every goal. For example if you are on a diet and you see chocolate cake. You can’t help it. So you take a bite into that chocolate cake. However , these sort of obstacles are overcome depending on how determined you are to reach your goal. Also the fact that we must understand that goals are not set directly in your path , there are obstacles in it that are “ready” to distract you. Furthermore, , know that no goal is achieved without any obstacles in it . In the end, believe that only you and you alone can overcome your obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goal. If you have the determination and the focus to.

‘Life as a Junior Doctor’ paper 1 a) commentary By Shanzay Awan


This text is taken from an online weekly blog called “Life as a Junior Doctor” is about the author’s dreams and aspirations.It is written to entertain as well as to inform the readers about the author’s future plans

Nick,the author states how he’s currently on a “lovely” week off.He says how he did not opt to go somewhere far to “find”himself,which he puts in inverted commas thus showing how he is being sarcastic.He then also puts in brackets that he might be “little old”to find himself and that he might need a GPS to do that.This is clearly humor and this adds a touch of light-heartedness in the text.

The author says how for most people the family house is a place to “reconnect,recuperate and reflect”on their  life’s journey.This use of alliteration and triad adds emphasis and a sense of coherence in the sentence.He also states how at home he is away from all the pressures and “whacking great punch of expectations”from the society.This metaphor symbolizes how the society puts burden of expectations on our shoulders which we cannot bare.

He then states how being at home takes him back to time when he was “12 years old”with all of his dreams and aspirations on the walls of his bedroom.This connotes how the author still thinks about his childhood and what he has become now.This makes him reflect about his life as he mentioned above.

He also says how despite being old and “grizzled”he still has dreams and aspirations.This shows how the author is proud of himself because he still has a purpose for his life.He also feels very “lucky”to have these as he thinks he might lose them soon.This conveys how the author is grateful for all his aspirations that he has.

He also describes how he is writing this blog while drinking a “steaming cup of mum’s tea”.This is use of imagery as it creates an image in readers minds thus engaging them into the blog.He further explains how he wants to share his “mission statement”with his readers.He uses an anecdote to narrate how he woke up in the morning and opened his eyes when his brain started to “cerebral cog turning”.This is a medical jargon that the author uses thus showing that he is a professional doctor.

The author describes how he wants to be a “globally”health professional.He uses the phrase “I want to be,am meant to be,am positioned to be”.This shows the author’s determination about this.He wants all of the people to be fit both “cognitively”and physically.Here again he uses medical jargon.

He says how he wants to earn a PHD degree in sports sciences as he wants to help teams and individuals to earn their “goals”This symbolizes how the author wants to spend the rest of his life helping others achieving their goals.

He says how from now on he is going to follow this aim with “excitement,drive and self-belief”.Here he again uses triad to add coherence to the sentence.He ends the blog with a greeting “Have a great week everyone.”Thus following the pattern of writing a blog.

‘Describe sitting in traffic’ By Shameer Abdullah

‘Beep Beep!’ It was a typical Monday morning. Everyone was rushing to their respective destinations. The intense heat made the situation worse. The scorching rays of the sun penetrated through the glass windows. It was heard on the news that an army official was to pass from the bridge. Hence, no car was to lay a foot on the bridge unless the officials had passed by. It was as if he was the king with around dozen’s of cars guarding him. The guards guarding the bridge had clumsy dresses on. It seemed as if the said, ‘You shall not pass!’
The people with non air-conditioned cars made use of their hands and grabbed anything they found that would act like a fan. They loosened up their shirt and pulled it back for air to slither through. Sweat came darting down their fore necks giving them a minty effect.
The dog stuck his head and tongue both out simultaneously. It felt as if the dog was dying of thirst but that is what dogs normally do. The couples of nannies riding their eighteen century hatchback was as peaceful as angels. Their unintentional slow movement would make the employees behind them furious and would honk their hearts out.
Loud music was being played in the cars consisting of street boys. Street boys: loud music, drugs, smoking and all harmful things one could think of. Their upmost(latest) model ‘woody'(car) was like a beautiful lady; all dressed up in red. While they were busy taking their own lives, another life was slowly fading away…. Ambulance- an ambulance was honking with all its might trying to persuade the drivers to make way. The crying mother looking at its child’s innocent eyes who was nearing death. She held both of her hands on his bloody face and was yelling out ‘Jonathan, please wake up!’
The business men, all dressed in black were waiting patiently and were an example of matureness. They had black Mercedes(obviously) and had windscreen tinted black. They looked down upon those less fortunate. The family that had: a teenager son, a daughter who was mere eight and a new born baby. The son would make hideous ‘brrr” sounds with his lips and all the family members would have a hard crack(laugh). It looked as if he was a comedian making everyone laugh. The son was paying half of his attention on this and half on his music. He would sing along to his songs and simultaneously move his head letting the music flow.
Finally! The official had passed and the bridge was open. Everyone honked even if the car in front of them was moving. They would honk for no reason, Everyone headed for their desired destination.