‘Life as a Junior Doctor’ paper 1 a) commentary By Shanzay Awan


This text is taken from an online weekly blog called “Life as a Junior Doctor” is about the author’s dreams and aspirations.It is written to entertain as well as to inform the readers about the author’s future plans

Nick,the author states how he’s currently on a “lovely” week off.He says how he did not opt to go somewhere far to “find”himself,which he puts in inverted commas thus showing how he is being sarcastic.He then also puts in brackets that he might be “little old”to find himself and that he might need a GPS to do that.This is clearly humor and this adds a touch of light-heartedness in the text.

The author says how for most people the family house is a place to “reconnect,recuperate and reflect”on their  life’s journey.This use of alliteration and triad adds emphasis and a sense of coherence in the sentence.He also states how at home he is away from all the pressures and “whacking great punch of expectations”from the society.This metaphor symbolizes how the society puts burden of expectations on our shoulders which we cannot bare.

He then states how being at home takes him back to time when he was “12 years old”with all of his dreams and aspirations on the walls of his bedroom.This connotes how the author still thinks about his childhood and what he has become now.This makes him reflect about his life as he mentioned above.

He also says how despite being old and “grizzled”he still has dreams and aspirations.This shows how the author is proud of himself because he still has a purpose for his life.He also feels very “lucky”to have these as he thinks he might lose them soon.This conveys how the author is grateful for all his aspirations that he has.

He also describes how he is writing this blog while drinking a “steaming cup of mum’s tea”.This is use of imagery as it creates an image in readers minds thus engaging them into the blog.He further explains how he wants to share his “mission statement”with his readers.He uses an anecdote to narrate how he woke up in the morning and opened his eyes when his brain started to “cerebral cog turning”.This is a medical jargon that the author uses thus showing that he is a professional doctor.

The author describes how he wants to be a “globally”health professional.He uses the phrase “I want to be,am meant to be,am positioned to be”.This shows the author’s determination about this.He wants all of the people to be fit both “cognitively”and physically.Here again he uses medical jargon.

He says how he wants to earn a PHD degree in sports sciences as he wants to help teams and individuals to earn their “goals”This symbolizes how the author wants to spend the rest of his life helping others achieving their goals.

He says how from now on he is going to follow this aim with “excitement,drive and self-belief”.Here he again uses triad to add coherence to the sentence.He ends the blog with a greeting “Have a great week everyone.”Thus following the pattern of writing a blog.

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