Imagine you are a concerned teacher at a boarding school where there are some students with disabilities. Write a letter to the director of the school regarding your concerns and observations about the school. · What is it like to be at boarding school · Describe their activities · How are they limited and gifted at the same time By Sakina Sardar


Sixth Avenue

Leytonstone Street

Apartment 109

Street 60, House 93-B

Springs, The Valley

Subject: Concerning the Disabled Children

Dear Mr. Peter,

It is with great concern and worry that the undersigned is writing you today about the children here at Stepping Stones. It is unfortunate that the addressee cannot be here to handle these issues in person.

It has come to the undersigned’s attention that the children here have begun acting out in a harsh manner. Personally, it is believed that this behavior has derived out of boredom, lack of activity, in other words.

Although a friendly environment is maintained, the children have complained several times of not having anything to do with their time.

About ten new children have begun counseling sessions with the undersigned and it should be noted with great importance that each child’s problem is quite similar.

A brand new activity is being introduced and the undersigned would appreciate if the addressee looked into this new project as a source of distraction for the children’s boredom. The most these children can do is run and race along the staircases and then they are retained as well since this is a violation of the school rules.

For this reason, the undersigned has come up with the idea of racing for the blind children. It has been done previously by an engineer who designs race tracks in schools with special tools to help the children race.

This may significantly change the children’s moods and keep them busy. Many children are struggling and those of which that are suffering from physical disabilities have taken to their dormitories. They spend their days in bed reading books or staring blankly out their windows.

It is felt that although said students struggle with several activities because of hindered eye sight, amongst other disabilities- they have also proved themselves to be extremely gifted.

For example, a child called Peter White who had been blind since birth had quick and fast reflexes. This was because the rest of his senses were extremely heightened.

Due to this, he was much faster than the other students. The undersigned strongly believes if the children are given activities- a platform to express

themselves then they will eventually learn to live their regular lives without needing any help.

The undersigned urgently requests the addressee to look into the racing track project and if possible come into the headquarters to further discuss the previously mentioned issues.

Yours Sincerely,


Eleanor Edward, School Counselor at Stepping Stones

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