Favourite food By Saba Urooj

My heart started to beat in higher frequencies as the waiter made his way towards me,carrying a white platter covered with a silver lid.My wait was finally coming to an end.As the waiter came closer,I could sense a familiar smell,perhaps a tangy aroma with a tinge of puck cheese and golden butter.I could not wait any more now.He placed it infront of me delicately,putting one end of the platter of the table and then the other.I was servrd first while the other waiters served my family with the food they had ordered, which,unluckly meant that i had to wait for them to start!

Every passing minute felt like hours to me. sat on my wooden chair,with my eyes stuck to the platter and my hands clenched in a fist,with slight droplets of sweat oozing out of them.the smell of the exquisite dish was killing me within and I felt my stomach eating itself up.Moments later the waiter lifted up the lid,revealing the mighty cheesecake.Oh!what a wonderful sight it was to look at.The colors of the ultimate peice of perfection brightened my eyes.It was quiet big in size.the white fluffy Cheesecake ,which looked more like a triangular peice of snow was topped with strawberry’s dipped in the red fruit puree.while the base was of crumbled cookies with a mix of melted butter.The cheesecake was drizzled with a brilliant scarlet syrup in a zigzag manner.The overall smell of the peice of cake was psychedelic in which the smell of the pungent syrup was the most dominating.

I dug my spoon in the cake and shoved it up my throat.My taste buds have never tasted something as good as this.The feathery cake,the sour strawberries and the buttery biscuits together made the ‘Nevada Strawberry Cheesecake’ and trust me it was a heavenly combination.It took me about eight and a half minutes to devour in the scrumptious goodness of the Las Vegas Strip restaurant. It made me feel esctatic and my cravings were satisfied now and nothing could get any better for me.

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