How does the writer convey his message? by Hassan Raza


The title of this extract is Georgie Henley and James McAvoy. The extract is an interview between the actors Georgie Henley and James McAvoy.

The style of this extract is descriptive as it is an interview between two people.

The tone is informal as they are using contractions: they’re, there’s. They are also feeling quite friendly with each other. “if you don’t go into tea with them”. Line: 5. As it is saying don’t go   into tea with them, language formal it does not make. Both James and Georgie are speaking      informaly towards each other. “It’s quite unviable.” lines : 5-10 . They are again using friendly language and contractions. Than it becomes a little more friendly and humorous . “and you become a little more faun-ey ”.line 29 .now they are making jokes with each other and becoming more friendly . “he’s already growing a beard ? see”. Line 34-35. It’s becoming more humorous as Georgie is making some jokes. “no , he’s too scruffy ”. here it’s quite informal. They are using the word scruffy and not untidy. “I made $350 for WWE – not the wrestling fund   ! The wildlife fund ”. The language is informal and she is making it more funny .

The content of this extract is the interview , which is happening between the two people.

Theme of this extract is Friendship. “That was my favorite thing watching you grow. Line 36. They are showing kindness and good behavior towards each other. “Actually they don’t curl under like Mr.Tumnus”. They are talking  in a humorous manner . “being away from my friends and family”. Over here it becomes a little personal , but it’s caring .

The target audience of this extract are children and reporters. As it is a talk show or interview between two people.

The attitude of this extract is quite friendly , cheerful and caring . “ we got more mature, really”.

The punctuation of this extract is not so good as the language is informal as it uses contractions.

Conclusion : The language all over the extract was informal and the theme was friendship and Georgie and James seems to be good friend.

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