Ao2 by Muhammad Ahmad Irfan


This extract is taken from the interview between Georgie Henley (Lucy) and James McAvoy (Mr.Tumnus), who acted in the film, The Chronicles of Narnia, as Lucy and Mr.Tumnus. Georgie was ten years old when she played Lucy. This interview is based on the scene where Lucy meets Mr.Tumnus and befriends him and goes to his cave for tea. She later finds out that Mr.Tumnus is kidnapping her, but because of the bond they had made, Mr.Tumnus lets Lucy go, and this signifies the theme of friendship, which is the same message the writer is trying to convey in this extract. His message is to show us the beautiful bonding between the two, in the novel as well as in real life. In the novel, Lucy simply happens to bump into him on entering this new world and just like that she finds herself strolling in the woods with him like long lost friends. As said by Georgie “They’re almost like long lost friends” (Line: 3) and “There is no point in having long lost friends if you don’t go into tea with them.” (Line: 5) This signifies the relationship between Lucy and Mr.Tumnus. On the other hand, the two actors get to know each other and discuss they’re personal feelings and experiences with each other in the interview. This is illustrated when Georgie gets a nostalgic feeling and recalls the time when they had fun, “And you became more faun-ey, more goat like.” (Line: 29) She uses a good pun to express her feelings, and we get to know that the tone is quite casual and informal, which signifies the fact that the two are rather comfortable with each other, thus highlighting the friendship between the two. The reader feels the warmth of friendship being conveyed by the writer. The following line brings out the message of a close friendship bond that the writer is trying to convey. “And you got so much more comfortable by the end.” (Line: 27). What James is trying to say in this line is that by the end of the filming, Lucy and James felt more comfortable with each other and the atmosphere, and acting together turned out to be fun and candid, even though Georgie missed her friends and family back home. The same camaraderie is happening in the novel when James says “When they meet each other it is fast friends immediately.” (Line: 9). Another line further proves the message the writer is trying to convey, “That was my favourite thing, watching you grow. You grew inches during the film.” (Line: 36). The line shows James reminiscing the time they spent together. In conclusion the writer made a brilliant effort in conveying the theme of friendship, and making that bond unforgettable.


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