Try as we might to avoid them, accidents happen. Tell about a time when you were involved in an accident. By Jibraeil Aatif Anwar


School is an ordinary, boring place. Every day, you usually expect everything to go exactly as it always has, with nothing ever happening. However, somehow, today was quite odd, not very much deserving of its place in the cycle of boredom, as it was, indeed, very much a different kind.


Today was, in fact, the first time I was going to go visit the. How wonderful! I was a tad frightened by this wild habitat, so I went up to the teacher to ask him, “What’s the chemistry lab like?” “It’s dangerous, yet also quite exhilarating,” the teacher responded. “Thank the one that looks down from above!” I expressed in my thoughts. The door was dancing a little bit when we reached our destination, and, like a clown inviting an audience-member up to the stage, the door creaked open to reveal the wilderness it hid. I was experiencing a blend of emotions during this roller-coaster of an incredible experience.


And, so, it was time to do our practical work there, so we marched right in. The teacher taught us about a variety of concepts, no doubt, but the best one was most definitely regarding the chemical reactions. Whether it was the discussions we had, the things we learnt, or the experiments we carried out, this part of our studies was brilliant. Sadly, the fun and games surely had to end, when, all of a sudden, a student burst in. The student had curly, ginger hair, with a bit of a plump body, and had glasses to his name; or, in this case, face.


This student was from a higher class, which we knew as soon as he entered. He asked the teacher, “Sir, can I borrow your time and tell you something?” “Not now,” the teacher answered. But the student was persistent, so he walked up to the teacher… that is, until he slipped, and knocked over the chemicals. The chemicals ended up spilling over the students, who were in horrible pain as a result. Some were safe, though; and yet, either way, the teacher took immense preventive action to help the injured ones out.


The end result was that many students were taken to the school-nurse. I was confused, so I needed time to process all of this. At least, however, the student learnt to have patience… and better footing, for that matter. This day was like a jungle-expedition from start to finish, wholly undeserving of its place in the cycle of boredom, in which boredom of all kinds ever thrives.



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