Sky High: Air Traffic Controller Q. Write a talk by Becky Evans about her job as an air traffic controller at Swanwick. Include • How she got the job • The job pressure and how she handles it • How does she deal with emergencies


“Hello there everyone! My name us Becky Evans and I am here today to talk to you about air traffic control. Now who here wants to be a pilot in the future?

Well, I would like to say that being an air traffic controller is infact a very intense job but with some training it is a good field of work with a great income.

Now I never meant to get into air traffic control but here I am. Who would have thought the girl who wanted to get into the army would become an air traffic controller?

Unfortunately, I got rejected because  I snapped a ligament in my knee while hiking up Mount Everest. Oh what an eventful day that was!

As I obviously did not have a chance to get into the army, a fresh student out of university looking for alternatives I stumbled upon the air traffic controller field.

A dear friend of mine, Stacy would always tell me about the environment of being in air traffic control. Now she had already started training while I was still hunting for a job. So I thought to myself, why not join her?

So I did my research. I watched the documentaries, read the articles, and I also went with Stacy to watch her practice.

The more I read and researched, I thought, ‘this sounds right up my alley’.

Now, I vaguely remember sitting in my dorm room one night with Stacy. We had just packed up to move into our apartments. We were watching a movie and it showed a scene where the pilot was panicking because he had no idea how to land his plane.

Well can you guess who helped this pilot in distress? Ofcourse, it was the air traffic controller. Who else?

The air traffic controller in this scene guides the pilot through a heavy storm and helps him land the plane on a field of grass and mud.

I am sure all of you can see how I was gradually being motivated to get into this field. So I headed straight to the College of Air Traffic Control in Bournemouth. Now the thing about training is that even after three years of studying, research, and practice. You are still kept on training for a year or two after while on the job.

As I mentioned before it is an intense job but with the years of training; and not to mention years of training on the job definitely helps with the pressure.

The worst it gets is about twenty five aircrafts flying around violently in the sky. This usually happens at four in the morning  to ten in the morning.

That is still bearable but what would make my nerves really tense would be if there was an issue with the aircraft itself like an engine failure or decompression….

Now with problems like these I cannot do much other than deal with it with the given resources, like an emergency landing.

Thankfully though, these high pressure emergencies are quite uncommon thanks to a bunch of different systems to prevent mid-air collisions.

Although these emergencies rarely ever occurred, this one time in eight years of my line of work I dealt with an engine failure.

And I still to this day cannot forget who scared I was. I thought I could not do it! But I did.

With no other solutions in mind, I guided the pilot; sir Sanchaz for an emergency landing. The immense feeling of pride and happiness knowing  that I help landing that plane. Now reasons like these are why I love my job.

I urge everyone here to do some research and just for the sake of experience I am offering a five day trip.

I would love for all of you to come and see me at work while also being able to experience first hand.

Thank you so much for listening and I hope to see every single one of you!”


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