‘Q)Write an article for your school magazine covering the details of Isabella Birds adventures.Your article should include the following: *Describe the scenery/terrain *What Isabella did *How one of her adventures came to an end/How she found a place to stay Think carefully about the purpose of your article and the audience for whom it is intended.’ By Ayesha Ijaz


Topic : Strolling through the dark;alone

Isabella Bird,finds her way home,through
the deep-dark-rocky canyon!

By:Ayesha Ijaz

Date:Tuesday,22nd November2016

This story is a must read for all those
explorers,adventurers and people who
like camping out there!This story is from
two hundred years ago and I found it by
just skimming through various books one

This story is about a brave woman who
loves exploring and adventures.Her name
is Isabella Bird.Once, she rode a horse
eight hundred miles through the rocky
mountains in the Western United States.
Isabella was not a very rich girl so when
she wrote letters to her sister,magazines
and newspapers started buying her
letters and so she could support her
family and she also became famous for
her writing

She loved to explore new places and she
always took her horse,Birdie,with her on
every adventure she went to.

When she went to The Rocky Mountains
in Western United States,she faced many
problems.She went to “The Denver stage
Road” which was a very narrow,dark and
slippery road.And her torch also stopped
working.There was once a man known as
“Charles Kendrick”who went there and
his leg got stuck in a patch of water and
ice froze on the sides of his leg and to
save his life,he had to cut off his leg with
a pocket knife.Would you also like to go
on “The Denver Road”?

When Isabella was walking on that road
with her horse,her horse would slip again
and again as the ice had melted during
the day because of the sun and refrozen
in the night.So to help Birdie,Isabella put
a pair of man socks on her fore feet
which helped.

Then they finally reached a place where
they saw a blaze of a campfire;There was
a river in between which was completely
frozen and very slippery but they
managed to cross that too.And they
were finally across the narrow road and
the slippery river!It was a rough and
exciting experience for Isabella and Birdie.
Would you also like to explore the deep-

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