Leaflet by Esha Anjum Khan


Our Children…Our Future?

Do you think,that children nowadays can handle their future?
Who Were We, And Who Are They?
For centuries, over and over, children have been playing outdoor games,such as:tag,dip,hide and seek and much more. However, nowadays, children cannot get enough of their cell phones.You, me, we were all grown up begging our mothers, to play in the veranda, and as soon as she let us out, we all bursted out like seeds from a crackling, overripe pod onto the veranda.Yet on the other hand children nowadays prefer playing games, however only on their ipods, iphones or laptops.
Does Running Around Help?
Children nowadays think, that running around the veranda, just make them feel that their lungs are stuffed with cotton and their noses with dust, and if they play a bit more – they will choke.
Whereas,it is the other way round.Running, and playing widens your lungs for efficient gaseous exchange, and prevents you from diseases such as obesity.
You need to let them know, that eating, scrolling down Facebook, uploading snapchat stories, and tirelessly laying down on bed, and watching series would just lead them to obesity, and nothing else.This heavy amount of fat covering their body would them lead to a disease which would then effect you for life, Coronary Heart Disease.
Physical Games ” #Danger” ?
A well-known school in Britain has banned physical outdoor games for children. As it results in inappropriate behaviour. Youngsters aged five to eleven have been told that even linking arms would not be allowed.The main cause of this action to take place was due to the bullying of many children.
Whereas children learn when they play together. If the children won’t get bullied, then how on Earth will they learn to protect themselves.`this is for all those parents reading this, who are very quick at complaining if a child gets hurt.The chances of bullying can only reduce if there are supervised games, with an older student or teacher.
What Do Parents Have To Say?
. Mr.Robert; ” I can’t say I’m happy with it. I can’t see it does much for children learning to play together.”
. Mrs.Smith; ” Children need to know the importance of physical activity. We don’t want our children getting heart diseases!”
. Mr.Mcdonalds; ” As they grow, they would learn, and as they would learn, they would automatically learn how to defend themselves.”
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