‘Dialogue: Painting the Fence’ by Ayesha Ijaz


Ben:  (approaches Tom) Hey, chap! What are you doing?

Tom: Painting the fence! (Stares at apple in Ben’s hands)

Ben:  Ugh! That is so much of work! I hate work!

Tom: What do you call work? (Continues white washing)

Ben:  Why? Isn’t that work? (Looks at fence)

Tom: It may be a lot of work for you but for me it’s fun! Does a boy get a chance to white wash a fence every day?

Ben:  (Convinced and interested) Say Tom, may I give it a try,

Tom: No, no, my aunt Polly is awful particular about this fence and it’s got to be done very carefully

Ben:  Is that so? Come on! Just let me try?

Tom: If anything happens to this fence…

Ben: (Interrupting) Oh please, I will be very careful! And I will also give you my apple if you let me!

Tom: (White washes fence) Its quite a hot day today …. I think I should take a break see you later!

Tom: Whitewashing is so much fun!

Billy fisher: Oh really? May I give it a try please?

Tom: I don’t think so!

Billy fisher: I will give you my kite if you let me do it!

Tom: Ummm… Okay fine! (Hands over the brush to BF)

Tom: (Continues painting the fence)

Johnny Miller:     what are you doing?

Tom: I am whitewashing – can’t you see?

J.M:  May I try?

Tom: No! You won’t be able to do it!

JM: I will give you a dead rat with a string to swing it with if you let me

Tom: Okay! Here!

Tom: what a great day it was! It is not such a hollow world after all! (Stares at all the things the boys gave him)


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