‘Conversation The Escape’ by Ayesha Ijaz


Molly:         Look over there! (Points towards and dunes)

Gracie:       Yes come on, let’s go!

Molly:         (after readings and dunes) see that? (points towards rabbit warrens) we would have to dig one which is big enough for the three of us to fit in.

Gracie:       Umm…. So are we gonna sleep in the bunna like rabbits?

Molly;         Yes, no one will look for us in a rabbit burrow.

Gracie:       (excitedly Yay! Finally we have a shelter to stay. Let’s quickly dig and get done with it).

Molly:         Here, have some bread. (offers dry crusts of bread)

Daisy:        Today was a tiring day! I am going to sleep. Goodnight!

Gracie:       Same here!

Molly:         (talks to herself ) Tomorrow I will find my way home to Jigalong! (goes to the bunna to sleep)

Molly:         We don’t have much for breakfast. We can get water from the pools at the bottom of the valley and I just have some bread crusts left.

Gracie:       Argh!

Daisy:        But I want to eat meat! I am very hungry.

Molly:         Well, we got to eat and move with what we have.

Gracie:       I want to go back to the settlement! We will die out here.

Molly:         (furiously) Are you mad that you are saying you want to go back? Don’t you know what they’ll do to us? They will shave our heads bald and give us a big hiding and lock us up in the little gaol.

Gracie:       (Stubbornly) I won’t move until I get food! I am very hungry I don’t just want bread and water.

Molly:         (calmly) I know that! We all are hungry for mear. But we have to snow patience and keep walking.

Gracie:       Ok then, let’s go!

Daisy:        It looks like it is about to rain!

Molly:         We got to walk faster!

Molly:         See! The Moore River! (points in front)

Daisy:        How will get across the river? (worried)

Molly:         I don’t know yet… up here! We will cross the river with the help of this fence! Come on!

See, its strong enough to hold us on (assures). Watch me and follow, come on!

Gracie:       thank god we got across safely!

Daisy:        Look! Mardu Men! (excited and happy)

Molly:         Wait!

Man:                    Where are you girls going?

Molly:        We are running away back home to Jigalong.

Man:           Well, you girls have to be very careful, this country is different from ours, you know. They got a Mardu policeman.

Molly:         Yes, we heard about him at the settlement

Man:           He follows run away gels and take’m back to the settlement . He’s a good tracker, that Mardu. (Also gives them kangaroo tail and goanna) (Shakes hand with girls) (left).


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