‘Blog Entry: River Indus and its Archaelogocial Findings’ by Naish Abbas



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River Indus

One of the most famous archaeological finds in the Asia.

By Naish Abbas

Indus Valley civilisation is one of the biggest and the most famous in Asia. Indus Valley has caught the attention of many people with its well finished , often painted buildings.

It has been estimated that the River   Indus existed between 1900 and 2600 BCE. There were five major cities, some 350 to 456 kilometres apart, which were : Mohenjo Daro , Harappa and Dholavira.

It’s location

Indus Valley civilisation was located in Indian subcontinent. It covers a huge area and also interferes with the boundaries of Pakistan, centred on River Indus and Ghaggar Makra in cholistan

What it looked like?

Indus Valley civilisation was extremely developed and there were buildings which were accurately the same size: red bricks , well finished pottery was produced on potters wheels on large scale and art which was expressed in small scale stone , clay and bronze sculptures on shore seals.

Life in Harappa and Mohenjo Daro!

These Indus Valley cities were very well planned cities which were located in west Asia. They had the following:

  1. Public bath
  2. Drinking water wells
  3. Domestic drainage systems

These two cities were found in Pakistan as a part of Indus Valley and were unique cites.

Besides the uniform brick sizes , for the construction weight were used throughout the region.


The objects include seal stone engraved with pictures of tigers , unicorns , elephants and each has a title on it. The seals then were used as currency and for trade purposes.


There has been a widespread interest in what language is being spoken. However, currently this knowledge remains a mystery.

The fact of the matter is that we cannot compare any of their inscription to any living or ancient language. There is a absolutely no match to an language known to man.

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