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The effects of texting and social networking sites on teenagers
Safa Aman
October 31, 2016

Our generation’s tender minds are influenced by the smallest of day-to-day activities. Brainwashing is a joke and there is no such thing as a ‘real’ personality. One of the major reasons for that is the cellular phone. Texting and social networking are to be held accountable for our children’s lack of literacy. Einstein once said, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots”. Undoubtedly, this quotation from our deceased genius leaves us to ponder over a great deal of things. Question is: which side of the spectrum do you lie on?

The Bright Side:
Because everything has a bright side. The rapid tapping and pushing of buttons has affected not only you, but your children’s lives immensely. Arguments resurface about how social media should be banned, but where do these arguments resurface in the first place? None other than our very own social media. Quite ironic, is it not?

Snail mail and emails are practically extinct among our ‘youngsters’. With instant messaging, life is much simpler. Your friend living in an entirely different time zone is now only a click of a few buttons away. You no longer need to wait weeks — maybe even months — for that letter that you wasted so much ink on to be delivered. Forgot the day’s homework and are afraid your math teacher will not believe you even if you speak nothing but the truth? Easy — contact a friend via text message and complete it before your teacher gets to know. Students must not wait till the end of class to eagerly find out when their next hangout is — social media takes care of that.

Social media and texting are a leeway for making new friends and getting to know peoeple, as well. It is a blessing for the shy among us and make them feel comfortable. This prevents children from ending up as outcasts. Latest studies reveal that there has been a decrease in physical bullying by thirty-one percent. It may not seem like much; however, it is fantastic for starters.

The Not-So-Bright Side:
Pros and cons are part of every package, so why should texting and social media be any exception? Teenagers tend to squander time and have a hard time focusing on their academics due to the pesky devices and their incessant buzzing and overflow of notifications.

Phones are used to take pictures and store them as soft copies with the risk of them being deleted. Developed pictures have been eradicated on a whole and all memories are hoarded in a simple device.

The younger generation encounter difficulties when it comes to communicating in person. Their comfort zone does not go beyond texting and their social skills are stunted.

Privacy is new to the social networking world. Friend requests are sent around confidently as if everyone knows each other. In this manner, information is accessed and privacy is violated. Safety is on the line and your child is very likely to be in danger.

Generic teenage behaviour is amplified due to the fact that flirty and provocative messages are easily delivered.

And last, but not least, cyber bullying plays a major role in texting and social networking. Recent surveys have proved that online bullying has shot up by forty-six percent. For example, girls and boys alike are body shamed and expectations are raised to the skies. This leads to severe pressure and eventually results in suicide. There have been many such cases. About two months ago, Clarisse Burnard, a sixteen year old in West Virginia, decided to end her life when a video of her having fun with her friends went viral. The ridiculing and sharing of the video on Facebook ate her up to the point that she lost her will to live.

From using it for work purposes and to keep in touch with friends and family without spending a dime to being endangered and leading to death, social networking and texting is used for several purposes. Chester Longhorn said, “Everything is good if you make it good”. Use or abuse it — the power is yours.

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