‘A New Begining’- by Roha Khan


As the bang of the gun echoed in his ears, everything slowed. Tyler saw everything he had never noticed his whole life. He saw how the white fur, lining the collar of a coat, looked in light of the sun: he saw the small feathers that lined the wings of a bird in flight.

Nevertheless, what actually surprised Tyler were the details of Alice’s perfect face: how the long lashes of her eyes almost tangled together when she closed them: how her tears shone in the now fading light of the sun: and how she always held his complete attention, even now in death.

The impact of the bullet made him stagger backwards and he felt himself falling: falling sixty-two feet from the top of the building. But, he did not see the top become smaller. Instead, he saw his whole life being played in front of his eyes, like a movie− but he felt no emotion, as if it was just that: a movie, and it had nothing to do with him. He saw himself trotting in the street, holding his mother’s finger, playing catch with his father, his first day of school, his graduation, and Alice. She was everywhere; he saw her laugh when they first met, saw the surprise in her eyes when he confessed his love to her, he saw her dance in the rain….

Alice let out a shriek as Tyler fell off the roof and made to follow him but strong arms restrained her. She screamed, kicked and pushed but to whomever the hands belonged were not letting her go. Could they not see that Tyler was falling? Dying? Tyler- the love of her life- needed her. Tears blurred her vision, but she could see, clearly, every second she had spent in Tyler’s company. In her grief, she did not even feel the needle in her arm and she soon passed out….

“Hey? You? Day dreamer! You’re up next!”

“The name’s Alice,” she replied, jolted out of the memory.

“Well you may be Alice from the Wonderland for all I care, but I don’t want it as an excuse for you losing your fight!” shouted the coach.

“Don’t worry, I won’t!” she retorted, feeling indignant.

After her wrestle in the ring- which she won- Alice did some shooting followed by running. She was working hard to rebuild herself, but memories of that day haunted her and she could only focus on a single thought: revenge.

Time seemed to pass quickly and, seemingly, all of a sudden, she was ready. She fought her way through the guards, through all the staff present in the building and made it to the boss- the murderer of her beloved Tyler- Jonathan.

Jonathan looked up in surprise as Alice burst through the office, but the shock was short lived. In one swift motion, he had his drawer open and a revolver out. Oh, but Alice was also ready for everything.

As Jonathan stood up, his gun pointed at Alice, Alice kicked his hand and the gun clattered to the floor. She jumped over the rectangle desk, which had stood between them, and now held him by the throat.

Quickly she took out her dagger and placed it on his now bulging jugular vein. Then she dragged him out of his cabin and, using his body as a shield, took him out to the roof.

“Ah, so you are here at last. I waited a long time for you. But I must say that you courage did take me by surprise.” Jonathan smirked.

“Just stand there at the edge of the roof so that I can kill you just like you killed my Tyler, while I watched.

“Just like your Tyler killed my father while I watched?” Jonathan’s question came at her like a knife in her heart.

“Liar!” screamed Alice, tears streaming down her face.

“Oh I see. Unaware of the unpleasant details? Well let me inform you. Your lovey dovey Tyler killed my father. If you do not believe me, go check out the police records. I swear I will remain standing here, awaiting your return.”

“Then why was he walking about, free, if the police new?”

“Well, didn’t turn me in to save me for you. So, I think you can understand revenge very well: I needed to do it myself.

Tears flowed down Alice’s cheeks. Her hands shook as her gun fell to the ground. She turned her back to Jonathan and staggered away from him, slowly, as if in a dream.

“What? Leaving so soon sweetheart?”

Alice ignored him. She could not believe that the child-like Tyler could actually be a murderer. She started hating him- hating herself. But after a very long time she felt relaxed- peaceful. She decided to start a new life. She knew it would not be easy: it will be impossible. However, she decided that she would distract herself− she had to start anew.


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