‘A Lie Can Have Major Consequences Q1. We all have lied at least once in our life. Write about a time (real or imaginary) that a lie has had major consequences for you. By Jibraeil Aatif Anwar


Boring. Tiring. A never-ending cycle of eat, sleep, work, repeat. These are the words that best fit the shallow pool known as “life.” But, what if I were to tell you that, once upon a time in my school, something more than a little extraordinary happened: I lied? On the surface, yes, this seems rather ordinary, but, you see, not only was lying against my nature, but the consequences this lie brought were truly, without a doubt, extraordinary.

One day, I went to school, and life seemed like it was going as it always once was, like cogs working together to keep the clock running as usual. And then, all of a sudden, one of the cogs broke off, for I found a strange piece of paper, lying on my desk. Curious, I unwrapped this crumpled-up thing, and read a cryptic message; “Seeing is believing, but is it the truth? Why, some people may focus too much on the surface-level that they fail to see what lies beneath! This method of deception has helped many people in the past… and now, our organization, Between the Lines, encourages you to use it for the good of this world. Prosperity awaits, as you carry out this quest. Good luck, because you are going to need it.” I was confused, but I decided that, well, whatever works for the world, goes. I said to myself, “I sure do hope that I don’t get into trouble for this”, but, nevertheless, I went ahead with this.

I made a resolution from that point on: every time the teacher asked me for classwork or homework, I would lie that I had done it, though I didn’t; to this end, I used counterfeit copies, and modified other people’s work to look like my handwriting, with fake, counterfeit marking to go along with it. I would always tell my friends that I was too sick to come with them. When they asked, “Why?”, I responded with “I am suffering from a very bad fever. I just can’t go, so kindly leave me alone.” The bluntness in my voice disturbed them, so they started swearing off any interaction with me. I lied to my parents that I was doing well at school, and also lied that I was eating food, when I was intentionally preventing myself from doing it. The paper, on the other side, had instructions specifically saying to “not study, not work, not eat, lie about all these things, and pretend to be sick.” However, all the while, I was wondering, “Why is it asking me to do all this?” One fateful day, I finally found out – for better or for worse.

A button suddenly appeared on the paper, and out of the intense desire to solve this mystery, I pressed it… a decision I, later, regretted. I was transported to a building, a kind of office-tower with a mysterious-looking eye-insignia, and lines surrounding it. Given a command to enter the building, I did, and I was welcomed with the words of, “Welcome, good sir. You have passed the first trial of the Between the Lines organization, and are now one step closer towards bringing chaos and destruction to the world.” Chaos and destruction? That didn’t sound right, and I soon came to the realization that this message was lying to me about working “for the good of the world.” No, it was a group of lying con-men, and I refused to help them any further! I started banging my head against the wall for, in all seriousness, falling for this obviously suspicious message, and, in my heart, apologized for indirectly hurting my friends, family and teachers, by assuming the role of the organization’s puppet.

It was time to fight them, and the whole experience was very surreal, like taking part in a Final Fantasy video game. I made quick work of all the mooks, and it was then time to face off against the three leaders of the organization. The first one wielded a sword and a shield, and tried using every single piece of offense in the book to try to stop me. However, his weaknesses in battle were readily apparent, so I dispatched of him very quickly. Next, the second one was more defensive, using magic (the magician’s kind) and parlor tricks to defeat me. But, he did not count on the fact that I also had quite a few parlor tricks up my sleeve, and I utilized them all to blow him away. Now, the third one was more unique as compared to them, for he tried to use emotional manipulation, to “invite” me over to their side. Of course, very obviously, I saw through him, and I engaged in a battle with him that shook the very Earth. Eventually, in the end, I defeated him, but it was so tiring that I passed out of exhaustion.

I suddenly woke up, and looking at myself, I thought it was all a dream. And… it wasn’t. I was lying in a hospital bed, being given treatments for my injuries. My family was surrounding me, and, knowing that I did not do this out of any ill-will, they forgave me, and I resolved to never again fall for some deceptive paper talking about “saving the world.” After this moment, my life could never have been sweeter, and I became grateful for what I had, never again calling my life “boring.”


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