A Frozen World Write a speech about Loiusa Waugh about her stay in the remote village of Tsengal. Include • Describe what a regular day is like • Her time at school • Her conversation with Sansar Huu


“Hello! My name is Louisa Waugh and I am going to tell you about my difficult and life changing experience.
Now I never thought I would actually be able to take this trip and adapt to my surroundings. Coming from a small, hot town like Texas then going to Tsengal was a life changing experience!

Now even though a day in Texas was long, sunny and warm, a day in Tsengal esd bitter cold and mostly pretty dark.

It was no longer sunny yellow skies and warm winds. There was always a stinging feeling in the air and the wind would practically numb every inch of my body.

Every morning, I would make an extravagant, hug mug of coffee followed by another one! Not only was this an energizer in the early hours before work but also something to warm me up before the day started.

Another fun morning activity was the whole act of walking to school for work in the morning. Although there was not much sunshine early in the morning, by the time I would be halfway there the sun would gradually brighten and it become sunny.

Now what’s very interesting and personally, this amused me intensely. My friend and also neighbor, Sansar Huu and I had a run in before I was off for work.
And can you guess what she told me? She tells me that this, this is the ‘warm’ weather here and it will only get colder.

Now what just a minute, I know I might be boring you with all this talk about the weather but you have to admit that minus forty eight degrees is absolutely mind boggling.

I think we should all take a minute to be grateful that here in Texas the ice does not need to be boiled just so we can have a sip of water.

Now I will be completely honest, although I am so grateful for being back in Texas I genuinely think every single one of you should take a trip to a completely different city or country at least once in your life time.

This trip made me even more grateful for being back home! Knowing that I do not have to wear thousands of layers just to keep myself from freezing to death.

A few things I enjoyed even more was the snow, although there was way too much of it I will never forget treading in the snow, snowball fights and building snowmen with my students after school.

And speaking of the students, this reminds me of the wonderful times with the children.

And not just that but the experience gives me so much gratitude that my own children do not have to live a life that is as difficult as the one in Tsengal.

Even though the weather was brutal and the wood was not always lit by a fire, almost every single person in that area was always cheerful and optimistic.

I never once met anyone in a bad mood or with a frown on their lips and that is one thing I think we all should learn from the people in Tsengal.

I have learnt so much from the place Tsengal, the people there, and their lifestyle over all.

This leads me to be extremely thankful that here, the world is much more developed. And yes, I use the term ‘world’ because Tsengal did infact feel like a whole new world. It felt just a little like I may have gone back in time.

Now I hope everyone here decides to take a trip and go somewhere distant for a while. It truly is a life changing experience. And I promise you will be a whole new and improved person by the end of it.

Thank you so much for listening!”


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