‘Think of your city as you walk down the sidewalk in the middle of that city,what do you experience?’ By Ayesha Ijaz


As I walk down the sidewalk on the beautiful sunny morning,flower beds on my right and road on my left,the crows croaking and the wind howling,I stopped as I bent down to touch the pure white fluffy Persian cat but as I was about to touch it…it ran away.

Then I came across a school bus filled with children in a navy blue and white uniform;some children laughing,some talking,some singing while some were even sleeping.As I took a right turn,I came across a park where people were playing,exercising,jogging and walking in their tracksuits.And then I saw a beautiful family sitting on a bench having picnic enjoying the weather and the view as spring was just around the corner.Some people were walking with their dogs who looked excited.There was a beautiful clear view of the mountains from the park and one could stand and stare at them all day long and still would not get get enough of it.

As I walked further,I came across a market where people were opening their shops gradually.The market was almost empty and it surprised me as it was a very famous market and would always be full.

As I went onwards,suddenly two cars came speeding and banged into each other.Residents of both the card were injured badly.Soon,the ambulance arrived and they were taken to the hospital.Tgat accident terrified me.

As I kept on walking,I came across many people;some in shalwar kameez and some in jeans and shirts.Then I came across a flower shop.The smell was remarkable.I could see and smell the beautiful,fresh,red roses and tulips and many other beautiful flowers.There was a pet shop beside the flower shop so I decided to browse that too.I saw parrots,cats,dogs,aquariums and I saw a chameleon too.

As I strolled further on the side walk,I saw a bakery across the road.As I went in,I could smell fresh bread being baked.It was a beautiful bakery;it had a sitting place on the left and the counter was on the right.So I just bought a cupcake and left.Then I was tired so I decided to go home.It was a beautiful tour across the city!

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I am an English Language teacher teaching O'Levels Edexcel and CIE A Levels at Froebel's International School, Islamabad. I am also working as a Subject Specialist Literacy consultant for the same school. Writing and reading has always been a passion and I try my utmost to instill these habits and hobbies in my students as well. I can be reached/contacted at fabbas227@hotmail.com or 03365287335 Happy reading!

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