‘THE DINOSAUR HUNTER Page: 82 (Q.)Write a magazine article for your school on the archeological discoveries of Mary Anning. In your article include the following: • Why did Mary dig relics at the beach? • What did Joseph discover? • What was Mary’s discovery and what was its impact? ‘ By Afnan Kadir


Dinosaur Unearthed!

Mary accidently finds a dinosaur’s skeleton.

Afnan Kadir

October 31, 2016

Currently, numerous archaeological discoveries are being made all over the world. Mary Anning stumbled on one such find. It all started with her digging on a beach looking for fossils where she found a beautiful ammonite, or snake stone. She later sold it to a lady for half a crown. She was overjoyed as it was enough wealth to feed her family for a week. Since then she started looking for fossils or relics on the beach to earn money. After all, if only digging on a beach would get her so much wealth why would not she continue to dig?

After that find, her brother Joseph also unearthed a great relic. The exact date of the find is not known but the year in which the relic was found is known. It was the year eighteen eleven when Joseph made an astonishing discovery while walking on the beach. Buried in the sand, he found a giant head of a fossilized creature. The head was four feet long, the jaws were filled with sharp interlocking teeth and the eye sockets were humongous. One eye of the creature was damaged while the other eye was undamaged. The whole head was uncovered by Joseph with the help of two men. It was thought to be a skull of a very large crocodile.

After about a year, Mary uncovered a huge backbone. It was made up of sixty vertebrae. On one side the shape of the skeleton could be seen and it looked like a skeleton of a huge fish with a long tail. On the other side, the ribs were forced down upon the vertebrae and the shape was difficult to make out. When the whole skull was unearthed, it could be seen that this skull was of a giant animal which was later called a dinosaur and was about seventeen feet long. News of Mary’s discovery spread very quickly throughout the whole town. The local lord of the manor, Henry Hoste Henley, bought the fossil from Mary for twenty-three pounds which was enough to feed her family for over six months. The fossil was first placed in the Bullock’s Museum in Piccadily and now, it is currently present in the National History Museum in London.

Many movies and paintings were based on Mary’s find. One such example is Duria antiquior (Ancient Dorset) which was painted in 1830 by Henry de la Beche. The Jurassic World is also one of the movies which is based on Mary’s findings. In that movie, they have been able to recreate dinosaurs by using a specific chemical formula. The movie shows the structure of a dinosaur in detail and how dangerous and life threatening they are.

I have also read numerous books and encyclopedias on this topic and have spent hours researching on dinosaurs. Expert scientists say that dinosaurs went extinct because a meteor from space came to earth because of which the climatic conditions in which dinosaurs could live were destroyed.

So basicly, it all started when Mary discovered a snake stone and after that her brother Joseph unearthed the head of a dinosaur. In about a year, Mary discovered the backbone of a dinosaur. One archeologist has quoted: “If it had not been for Mary discovering the snakestone, and after that a whole dinosaur skull, we would not have known that a creature as humongous as a dinosaur even existed.”

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