‘A Trip to the Venetian Glass Factory Pg: 57 Q. You are one of the visitors at the Venetian Glass factory. Write a talk for your class while including the following points: • Describe Venice and the view of the Venetian Glass factory • How are glass pieces sculpted • How are these pieces decorated Think carefully about the purpose of your talk and the audience for whom it is intended.’ by Zoraiz Syed


“Hello everyone! Most of you already know me but for those who do not, I am John Cena. Most of you also know that I love to travel. Recently, I was on a vacation in Venice and I discovered some very interesting things there which I will enlighten you with today.

Many people have the impression that Venice is like an ocean. This is true, to some extent. The streets of Venice are very unique. Instead of brick-made roads, my fellow students, there are gorgeous, blue water streams! And to cross these streets you do not require a car or a bike. Instead, you need only travel in ‘gondolas.’

Gondolas are basically small rowing boats. They are very common on the water ways of Venice. You can either own one or rent it like a taxi. Most gondolas have their own ‘drivers’ who row it to your desired destination.

I am sure almost everyone of you thinks that Venice is famous for its watery streets. However, there is more to Venice than that. It is a big hub for art enthusiasts as it has some of the most fascinating glass factories of the world. I was given a real life tour of one such factory and now I will give you a tour too!

When you first look at the old glass factory, you are taken to the past as far back as 200BC. Entering the glass factory, you are greeted with a beautiful array of glass sculptures. They are the most colorful and delicate sculptures you will ever see.

Then, as you enter the room where the wizards of glass master their craft, you are greeted with a hot burst of heat. It is not the usual heat you feel from a hot object. Instead, it is a soothing, blissful heat that brings a feeling of calm to the visitor.

Now you may be wondering how glass is sculpted? This is a very sophisticated process and not everyone can do this.

The craftsman starts this craft by first removing a specific amount of the molten glass from the furnace with a blowpipe. A sphere of molten glass accumulates on one side of the blowpipe which the craftsman removes and rolls over a flat sheet of steel called a marver. This gives it the final shape. Lastly, the craftsman blows into the open end of the blowpipe to create the molten glass bubble and shapes it into the final piece.

This was just the creation of the sphere. The main part that is now left is beautification and décor. This is a very delicate process.

The artists use special tweezers to mold the glass into the desired shape. To add color, the artists use different minerals. For example, to get a dark green color, copper is added and to get a blue color, cobalt is added. This gives these elegant sculptures the beauty they give off.

So my fellow classmates, this is one of the wonders of Venice. People mostly think that Venice is only known for its water ways and gondolas. But now you are some of the rare people who know about this spectacular art. I would like to encourage you to go to Venice and see this art for yourself. I appreciate you for listening. Ciao!”

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