‘My most frightening moment’ by Zarah Kazmi


My heartbeat was all I could hear and feel as I waited. Waited for someone’s help, waited for someone’s hand to pick me from the stairs I was seated on. A small lump was gradually being formed in my stomach and a feeling of nausea evolved around me. Even the slightest clatter or commotion made the hair on the back of my neck to stand up. Fear gripped me in its icy fingers and my heart pounded as I waited once again.


A sudden sense of fear ran through my nerves like the chill of an icy wind once I realized that there was no one next to me. My delicate hand was hit several times and no one held it. My spectacles searched and searched but no sight of my guardian was visible. An exodus of unknown workers, mother, children, shopkeepers, had engulfed me but no one was present for my aid. I started shaking like a winter leaf, expecting this feeling of breathlessness to vanish. As the people


Around started to disappear in thin air, as the sky changed color, my face turned red just like the veil of twilight, which was covering the horizon at that moment. My hands became as cold as the metal rod of the abandoned shop’s entrance that I was holding in the fear of being taken away.


It felt like centuries since I last made a move. Frozen; as I stood, even my capacity of thinking became still. Sweat poured down my body as I heard; “meow”, from my left ear. I saw a feline figure from the corner of my left eye. The figure moved away. Now even breathing had become impossible. As I tried to inhale the air around me I whimpered with affliction. My once agile knees had become weak because of the loss of oxygen.


Finally I let out my emotions, which were sinking in slowly. Tears and cold sweat started trickling down my face and I screamed until my voice became hoarse. Few elements of my helpless voice echoed back. My throat had become dry and thirst had made my lips chapped. Eventually I stopped crying which was also becoming hard, and I stared at my ghastly palms which had turned as white as the gown of a newly wedded bride. I waited because no other option was left for me in the stock.


This new feeling of extreme loneliness was hard to evaluate by my young and immature mind who only thought about the dolls my mother was supposed to buy me. The thought of my mother made my heart fall into my stomach and I gulped hard. I wondered why she left me in this black hole where there was no turning back.


I tried to move a leg but a thousand thorns pricked me at the same time. I tried to move my head sideways but the horror of seeing only dark hindered me. The last option was to clatter my teeth and shiver uncontrollably which my body did with ease. A layer of mist had started to form around me like a rush of bees and its intoxicating effect was getting on me. The scene in front of my eyes turned hazy. The streetlight, the only source of light, also disappeared in the dark. Thud! My body fell on the stair next to me as I went into a deep slumber of fears…


My fifteen minutes siesta was full of nightmares, which even made my unconscious self petrified. A pair of yellow flashlights eventually broke it down. My heart came back in its place, the sweat on my palms vanish, tears on my visage dried up, the clattering and shaking calmed down; as I realized that help had finally arrived.

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