‘My most frightening experience’ by Dua Shahid


There is nothing wrong with being frightened. There’s nothing wrong with your knees trembling and your heart beating so loud that it drowns every other sound out. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being afraid of something- even if it is an insignificant matter. What I was currently facing; however, was anything but a trivial matter.

A streak of lightning illuminated the lilac sky, the welkin smeared with a blinding white bolt of light, the dusty grey clouds hidden behind the shadows, easily detectable now.

The green shirt I was wearing, clung to my sweaty body like a second skin whereas my cargo pants, were shredded and torn so much that they provided little to no protection to my legs. Another bolt of lightning tore the lilac sky in half and then came the wretched rain; the rain which consisted of molten lava to be exact.

I winced in pain as a handful of drops fell onto my shoulder, the excruciating pain seeping through my skin and burning me alive from the inside. I could feel my skin gradually peeling off and the damaged interior bubbling from the inside. The people of Fantamasia truly hated visitors, from the looks of things at the moment, seeing how the mere entrance to Fantamasia consisted of a climatic warzone.

Boulders the size of double-decker buses hurled towards me, their target a girl with a courage of a tiger; truly reckless. The sky bled crimson and snippets of gold- gold stolen from the rays of the dreadful sun which burned everything in its path.

I was truly scared now. With every change in the colour of the vast sky, was another obstacle thrown at me, and another set of bruises and scars being formed.

My heart was stuck in my throat, beating to the sound of destruction; quick and endless. My clammy hands balled into fists, my torn nails sunk deep into my skin, clawing at the flesh, eager for blood to ooze out. My body shook like uneven ground and the incessant rattling of children’s toys. Sobs drowned my terrified thoughts out, leaving my head throbbing and hurting to the point that I felt as if my brain would explode.

A tingling sensation spread across my legs; looking down, I saw rich scarlet tainting my thigh downwards till my ankle, the blood bathing my shoes in red.  My vision gradually became blurry and sand filled my eyes, my ears deaf to the reality that was now, the present.

Arms hoisted me up and a soothing light shone on my face. After another couple of aggravatingly endless hours, my body made contact with a soft bed and all that rang through my mind was how truly frightened I had been until I entered the sanctuary.


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