‘My First Meeting with Mr Rochester Pg: 34 Q. Write an informal letter by Jane Eyre to her sister back home where she describes her first meeting with Mr Rochester. In your letter include the following: • How she was returning home from a walk and encountered Mr. Rochester • Describe their conversation and Mr Rochester’s looks • How Jane Eyre helped him Think carefully about the purpose of your letter and the audience for whom it is intended.’ By Zoraiz Syed


House 1, Street2,

Sector 3, the Moor,


Friday 4th, November

Dear Farkhanda,

I hope you are well. How has life been treating you? I hope you are surviving without me. I have to tell you something very important. I met Mr. Rochester today who is an extremely lovely gentleman. I have been dying to tell you the details and now I have got the chance!

So the meeting took place something like this. I was coming back from my walk when I heard the sound of horses. I stopped and stood at one side to let the horses pass as the path was narrow. As the horses came nearer and nearer, I thought I saw Aunt Bessies ‘Gyrtash!’ You remember how she sang us tales about it? The ‘Gyrtash’ came closer and closer but soon I realized it was not a Gyrtash, just a dog and behind it, a horse with its traveler.

Suddenly, as I began to move forward, I heard a loud falling sound. I looked behind and saw that the horse and the traveler had slipped on the slippery ice. The rider was making an effort to get off the horse so I rushed to help him, but he ordered me to stand still at a side and I obeyed. Soon, both horse and rider got up, but he was limping. Once more, I offered to help but once more he declined stating that it was just a sprain. However, he started moaning as soon as he started walking. In that exact moment, the light from the almost dark sky and full moon shone across him and, oh Farkhanda, what a man he was!

From head to toe, he was covered in a fur cloak with steel clasps. He had an average height and a beautiful, broad chest. In age, he was more than a young fellow but less than an old one. His face was covered in stern features; heavy eyebrows and angry eyes. I was not at all scared of this rigid looking personality. On the contrary, I was attracted to him! After fully examining the gentleman, I again offered my services to help.

I told the gentleman that I could not leave him, injured and wounded, at such a late hour. He replied by saying that at such a late hour, I should not even be outside. He questioned where I lived and I pointed to my abode, Thornfield Hall. He asked me about the owner of the house. I informed him about Mr. Rochester, whom I had never seen and had no clue about his whereabouts. At that time, I did not know that this gentleman was, indeed Mr. Rochester himself! He asked me about my occupation and I told him that I was a governess at Thornfield.

Finally, he agreed to my help and I was much delighted! He asked me to get his horse. Normally, I would have been terrified to even go near a horse but this time I happily complied. However, the horse was very excited and would not let me even come near him. Mr. Rochester laughed and called me back. With the support of my shoulder, he got up, limped towards the horse and with much effort, got onto the saddle. He then asked me to get him his whip and after searching and finding it, I gave it to him. Lastly, he ordered me to return home as fast as I could and he rode off.

So, Farkhanda, this was my meeting with the handsome Mr. Rochester. I was extremely happy with this meeting and I am looking forward to more. I am also looking forward to see you soon too! One day, I am going to make you meet Mr. Rochester and you will properly understand what I am talking about! See you soon.

Lots of love,


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