Youssef’s dream Pg: 110 Q. Write an online magazine article about the life and dreams of an ordinary boy, Youssef, living in the slums of Hay An Najat, Casablanca. In your article include the following: • How he survives day to day • What he does every week (watches movie at the Star cinema) • Why he never misses a show Think carefully about the purpose of your article and the audience for whom it is intended. BY NAISH ABBAS



“Youssef’s Goal”

Where Youssef, a young child’s life and dream is told.

By Naish Abbas

October 31, 2016

Everybody has a dream and they are all different from each other’s. They are a part of life which is experienced by the whole mankind. They all have a meaning; some are unintentional; some have a purpose behind it. Youssef’s, whose hopes were high, lived with his mother in Hay An Najat in Casablanca; where he had a dream. A dream that he desperately wishes; a dream that comes to reality; a dream that is no longer a dream; Youssef who wants to be an actor and have dreams of escape through a life in movies.

Youssef lived with his mother in a white washed house which had only one room with no windows and a roof made of corrugated tins. The cooking area was open to sky. It had not rained in Hay An Najat for a long period of time and suddenly began to drizzle. Youssef grabbed a picture of his father which he took inside, wiped the rain drops and left it in his room – next to his bed. The family of Youssef were in a difficult situation and survived with very little food. His mother took care of him and treated him as a small child. He was the only child. When he finished eating, he would check for a movie and wonder which movie he would like to see this week. He watched movies every week! The cinema he would go to was Star Cinema. Nevertheless, every week a new older was displayed on a cracked screen in Star cinema. For five dirhams, Youssef could watch Hong Kong action films, Bollywood romances, Egyptian dramas or American block buster all sort of movies, dramas. He had never missed a show. His dreams were of becoming an actor. He wished to have an athlete chest on an actors body. He dreamed big! He loved imagining. Dreams have no limits and should be big, should it not be?

Although, Youssef knew that his dreams were unachievable; he dreamed big and imagined a new life in his dream where there was no stopping and could enjoy his dreams.

A similar incidence had occurred in my friends life, Abdul Qadir who dreamed big and did not care about others. He now stands as a famous man in the Hollywood where every single university uses he experience as a motivational to help other students to strive for more and become successful. Life could be hard if a person is not provided with the basic necessities as others. It will be hard to live a normal life! Having nothing would lead to a boring life, would it not?

Youssef El Mekki lived a very difficult life with his mother in a half broken house. It was his hopes that could achieve his dreams and live a better life. Mr. Amir Abdullah said: “live life to the fullest because life is too short so make the most of it”.

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