The Dinosaur Hunter Pg:82 Q. Write a magazine article for your school on the archaeological discoveries of Mary Anning. In your article include the following: • Why did Mary dig relics at the beach • What did Joseph discover • What was Mary’s discovery and what was its impact. BY ZORAIZ SYED


Dino Discovery

Joseph and Mary discover a new species of Dinosaurs that baffles Scientists!

Author: Zoraiz Syed

Date:  October 31st, 2016

For all those readers interested in prehistoric times and weird species, this is a must read for you! Mary Anning, a girl of just twelve or thirteen, has unearthed a huge, unknown, unique species of dinosaurs. This new species had made scientists scratch their heads for atleast a decade before they found out what it was. A renowned scientist, Professor Xavier, is reported to have said, “We could not figure out what this ‘thing’ was. It was just through the advancement of time and technology that this ‘thing’ came out to be known as ‘Duria Antiquior’.” Unearthing things is a great deal of fun, especially if the object turns out to be a Dino! There is always so much mystery and so much history right under our feet that motivates archaeologists and paleontologists to dig, dig and dig! How would you react if you unearthed an unknown object?

Mary and Joseph were two siblings who used to search the beach for fossils. They came from a humble family and could not afford much. However, discovering relics earned them enough money for atleast a week as these were bought by people interested in fossils. The income earned by selling the fossils encouraged the siblings to search for more relics, just the same way as you would start studying more if the school offered you money!

On one occasion, Joseph unearthed a skull of what appeared to be a crocodile. It appeared to be four feet long, with its eyes gazing into Josephs soul. The large jaws were filled by sharp teeth, joining together like a puzzle. The soul-gazing eyes were in sockets like large tea cups. With the aid of more men, Joseph further unearthed the skull which was just the beginning of further discoveries….

A year after the discovery, Mary made another discovery. This time it was the rest of the body of the fossil. The backbone was sixty vertebrae long with the ribs forced into one side. The other, clearer side showed the body of the creature. It also had a long tail. As the fossil was further uncovered, it proved to be seventeen feet long!

Now the reader might be asking why I am telling you all this or what is the importance of this discovery. Well firstly, this discovery took place in the 1800s, a time when technology was non-existent and the world was still developing. It was, therefore, a difficult task to find out about this creature.

Secondly, unearthing dinosaurs is always interesting. It tells about the past and uncovers many secrets of history. Another scientist, Professor Muazam, stated about the discovery that it revealed many things such as that dinosaurs have different structures, they had their habitats in different environments and they could also adapt to the different situations. All these discoveries have been proven to be the foundation of many scientific phenomenons.

Alas young readers, this was the story of Mary and her lamb, apologies, I mean dinosaur! By discovering fossils Mary and her brother Joseph could support their family financially. Josephs discovery of the skull led to Mary discovering the whole fossil and science learning new things.

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