‘Is online learning as good as face to face learning?Discuss.’ By Zain Ajmal


Learning is something from which mostly majority of the people keep distance from.They think it is time consuming and keep the logic to keep the business of their parents.On the other hand,there are people whose main motive is to learn and excel further in life.With the passage of time,learning comes under different categories,namely;face to face learning and online learning.Many people think that online learning is not very effective. Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online learning.

Let me start with the advantages of online learning.

Firstly it is a new era and people are extremely smart and clever.It is a modern way of learning through which students get to stay at home and receive the same type of education through their gadgets.They can talk freely without any interruption.Moreover,the person can give more time at a specific topic in which he faces difficulty.He does not have to worry about the duration of the class.Despite of that,the main issue in online learning is network problem.It is very common now a days.This leads to interruption between the teacher and the student.They would not be able to convey their messages properly and will face a lack of communication.In certain conditions,this leads to disagreement between the teacher and the student,which is a clear example that they can not be online at the same time.Lectures will be missed and will effect the students academic progress.I had a friend who studied online and, due to lack of communication through internet problems,his notes were incomplete and he flunked his exam.

Believers of this topic will say that online learning is the new way to float a boat,as it is cheap method yet successful for learning.It is not only a relief for students it is a huge relief for parents.Now their child can study with less expenses.It is an easy way of communication.There are no hard and fast rules.Both of them can easily carry their class without distractions.A recent study found out that over seventy percent of population is turning towards online learning as it is less time consuming and an easy way for communication.Challengers of the topic would argue it by stating that online learning contains one of the major setbacks,that is,the teacher student relationship.While sitting face to face,a students can ask the teacher and the teacher can explain him thoroughly in order to make his concept clear.The teacher gets to know a student better and there is a friendly aroma in the class.Unlike in online learning,there is no other purpose than learning without uttering any word out of context.My friend Jacob used to study in school but when he started studying online he tried to be friendly with the teacher as he was in the school but, eventually the teacher stopped teaching him because of his attitude.This clearly demonstrates that a friendly aroma between a student and a teacher is necessary along with education.Through this a student can study happily and the teacher can teach happily.

People in favour of this topic would believe that online learning is equal I’m degree to face to face learning as online learning provides the same amount of effort by the teacher to educate the child and, the child would put in the same amount of effort.It is a wrong concept that face to face learning is more effective.If a student commits to focus and study then if it is either online or face to face learning he would do it easily.Students scored outstanding result in their externals through online learning.Which is evident that online leering is so beneficial as face to face learning.On the other hand,there are many technical issues present in online learning.First of all,not every students gets the permission to study online.People believe going to school and study face to face is the only solution.Which is evident that my own father encourages face to face learning.At times of online learning,a student can come across an inappropriate content which may be harmful for his knowledge.It can distract him and can provoke at times as well.

Keeping in mind the above mentioned points,I,without a doubt,agree that online learning is as good as face to face learning.No matter what the environment is if a student wants to study,if he is determined to study,then he can study either way.This is just another reason for a narrow minded person.It is time to prove them wrong!

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