‘Is online learning as good as face to face learning?’ by Zoraiz Syed


Online learning is basically studying through ‘the power of the internet.’ It is becoming increasingly common in many parts across the globe. Online learning has many advantages but it also has a great deal of disadvantages, as compared to face to face learning.

Firstly, online learning can help educate people in places where educators cannot reach. The teachers may not be able to reach a certain place because of unavailability of roads or no proper infrastructure or even because of threat to life. But these places may have an internet connection which would enable them to achieve their studies online. There is a city called Transylvania in the country of Panem. The governors of this country are very strongly opposed to education and therefore the lives of the educators are threatened here. However, this city has complete access to the internet and the people who want to study can do so through online browsing.

On the other hand, there are some places which have no internet at all. These places make up about 60% of the globe. They are mostly rural areas which are poor and cannot even afford electricity. In these places, face to face learning is the only form of education and it is excelling very well. These ‘rural areas’ have produced tons of successful scientists for example Dr. Ali, Dr. Lin, Dr. Dre and more. These were all a result of face to face learning.

Despite that, online learning is more effective than face to face learning. In online learning, there are deadlines which have to be met at the exact given date or time. If the deadline is not met, the online learning scheduled for a person becomes disrupted. For example, I have to submit an essay on the advantages of online learning by Friday the 13th. If I do not, I will start to lack behind in my studies as work will start to pile up. Therefore, online learning ensures efficiency and prevents laziness and procrastination,

However, in face to face learning there is less pressure on the students which enables them to work better. In face to face learning, when a teacher gives a task and a deadline, and the student fails to complete it in the given time, the teacher can take certain ‘actions’ to prevent it from happening again. For example the teacher could deduct the marks or scold the pupil or, every students favorite, complain to the parents! This can bring about improvements in the child as he would now work harder and better than before to successfully complete his tasks.

On the contrary, in online learning, there are no scolding’s or punishments of the student. This is a remarkable feature since punishing a student can embarrass him very much and this may have negative effects. The student can become demoralized and will start getting a negative result. This may lead to him getting further punishments up until the point that he is so used to these that it has no effect on him anymore. This can cause him to not care much about studying and start failing. A poll from the University of Sialkot showed that 80% of students who were given punishments during three out of five days of school failed miserably in their final examinations.

Nonetheless, online learning can also be very costly. The cost of face to face learning depends on different things such as the area, type of school and such similar examples. It is suitable for all classes of people. Online learning, however, can  be expensive and some people may not be able to afford it, depriving them of education. An online course of Physics costs about Rs5000 a week! Who would want to pay that kind of money?

In my opinion, online learning can never be as good as face to face learning. Face to face learning helps the student and the teacher interact better which helps in getting better results. It also enables people who are both poor and rich to get the same quality of education. However, the world is modernizing and face to face learning needs to come out of the traditional way and become modern with the world.

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