‘How important is a parent teacher conference?Discuss.’ By Zain Ajmal


What is a parent-teacher conference?It is not an ordinary conference in it our parents as well as our teachers tend to pin point our mistakes and try to improve us.However,not every student is willing to improve,nor some parents are interested in their child’s progress.Lets talk about some advantages and disadvantages of parent teacher conference.

First of all,a parent-teacher conference can inform our parents with our progress.The teachers can talk openly to our parents and direct them towards the loop holes.A parent can be well guided about his child’s progress and he/she can rectify them by giving more time to their child.Which is a clear evidence that if a child is weak in any subject,they should help their child rather than telling them to do it on their own.However,a parent-teacher conference is like an open book and,as a result,at times a child gets embarrassed when the teacher starts complaining about their studies.The parents are disgraced and unhappy with the progress.On the other hand,the child might loose hope towards improving their grades and might worsen their progress.Which is likely to happen as when a parent tries to force the child to do something with a stern look or reserved smile,the child will eventually do it incorrectly in order to get rid off the stern look.

Supporters of this topic feel that through a parent teacher conference,parents get to know the type of behavior their child is showing towards their teachers.If a child’s attitude is rude and arrogant,the parents usually try to repair that and hope that their child’s behavior normally.They do it by giving child a suitable environment so that,the child does not feel neglected and does not take out his anger in his clsss.Unfortunately,at times trying to improve a child’s behavior,parents put a great deal of pressure on a child and instead of grooming them,they resist and retaliate more.The child gets stubborn and does not listen to anyone.This makes the situation even worse.

Thirdly,a parent teacher conference puts the parents and the teachers on the same page.Which is a clear example that when both the parents and the teachers know what a child is capable of and try to maintain the balance both in home as well as in school.In this way,the child is not left astray.A clear example is me,myself!Lets be honest,I was poor in English.I barely passed,but after the parent teacher conference,my teacher and my parents both gave me extra time and now I am a brilliant writer.Despite of that,children prefer to keep their school environment separate from their home.They do not like experiencing the same theme over and over again.They become rebellious.Their academic status diminishes and their grades are gradually decreasing.My friend Morgan got paranoid because whenever he used to go to school or come back home,he was lectured on the same topic:’Improve yourself.’No one can push a child beyond his/her limits.It is better to leave the school aroma in school!

Keeping in mind all of the above stated reasons,I strongly agree with a parent teacher conference.The main reason behind it is that the parents as well as the teachers are working together to improve a child.As a result,not only a child gets better in his studies,he also acknowledges the efforts put by their elders to make them a better person.

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