‘How important are parent-teacher conferences? Discuss’ by Afnan Kadir


Parent-teacher conferences are an opportunity for the parents to meet and communicate with their child’s teachers. These conferences give parents an opportunity to follow their child’s progress. Now, why would children get a scolding from their parents if they did not know their child’s grades?

Many parents think that a parent-teacher conference is an excellent opportunity for them to follow their child’s progress and work on their studies to improve their grades. People in favour of parent-teacher conferences claim that the reason why seventy percent of students get good marks is because of these conferences. Furthermore, other supporters of the conferences say that it would be impossible for children to attain good grades if the parents do not keep an eye on them unless the child is a very keen student. However, some students think that they are now old enough to study themselves. Thirty percent of the population of the world argues that students who are young adults should study themselves or else they will get dependent on their parents.

People against these conferences say that parents would just be pampering their children if they help them in their education. A recent study also found that forty percent of the students who are helped by their parents in their studies have difficulty in getting forward in the real life and would be counting on their parents to do everything for them.

Furthermore, parent-teacher conferences also help parents and teachers to work as a team. Parents could study the child’s mistakes and could work on them with the child to correct them. Research tells us that parent-teacher team has lead to sixty percent of the students being able to attain excellent grades. Some parents and teachers who support these conferences say that it would be impossible to attain good grades without their team work.

However, opponents of the conferences say that many parents have a fight or an argument with their child’s teacher on the first parent-teacher conference. Twenty percent of the people who oppose the topic say that it is impossible for parents and teachers to do team work as parents are always arguing with the teachers over their child’s grades.

Likewise, parent-teacher conferences also help to improve the behavior of the child. The teacher may tell the parent how the child behaves in the class and if his or her attitude and behavior is terrible, then the parents could work on the child’s behavior and improve it.

Supporters of these conferences say that ten percent of students have an excellent attitude because of these meetings. In contrast, some parents might scold the child because of his terrible behavior because of which the child may get angry and show a worse behaviour. Research tells us that five percent of the students have a horrifying attitude because of these conferences.

In conclusion, I would like to say that these conferences are mostly successful. I have come to this conclusion as there is mounting evidence that the conferences are a success while there is sleek evidence of the fact that these conferences tend to fail.

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