‘How important are parent teacher conferences?’ by Zoraiz Syed


Parent teacher conferences are meetings that take place between, well, parents and teachers. These happen after monthly intervals and discuss the progress of a student. Parent teacher conferences can have both advantages and disadvantages, which I will now present to you.

Firstly, parent teacher conferences can bring about improvements in a student. The teacher can discuss the issues of a student with his parents and they, on their part, can discuss it with him at home. The parents could convey their expectations to the child and this could motivate him to study harder. A friend of mine wanted to make his parents proud but for some reason, he could not obtain good grades. When his parents found out about this from his teachers, they told him about how much they expected from him and this further fueled his passion. Now he is an A* achiever!

On the other hand, there are some pupils who like to keep their school environment and home environment different. They do not want to study at home and want to maintain a stress free environment. But, due to parent teacher conferences, the parents start adding up pressure on the children to study harder and, since the children are not used to this, they cannot cope well and succumb to the pressure. This causes them to become rebellious and also has a negative effect on their academics. Another friend of mine was used to a stress free home but his grades started dropping and a parent teacher conference was held. The parents then began to force him to study but he could not deal with the stress and as a result, his grades worsened.

At the same time, parent teacher conferences can also give a boost to the students. When the teachers convey their problems to the parents, the parents can understand how better to deal with the child. The parents could set a particular academic target for a child, such as the number of A’s, and if the child achieves this target, they could give him a reward. An example of this is that if a student is failing a subject and the teacher is worried about him, she could inform his parents and they could set a target such as ‘pass two tests and he will earn an iphone.’ This will motivate the student because who does not want an iphone!

In contrast, some students can get discouraged by bad results. The parents, on hearing of the bad result, can sometimes start to discourage the children and they may get disheartened. This can cause them to develop a negative attitude and their academic progress may deteriorate.

Conversely, a parent teacher conference can be helpful for a student as it can lead to better cooperation between the parents and the teacher. They can work together as a team for the betterment of the child and cooperate in ways to help the child achieve better results. The teacher can, on her part, teach the child at school while the parents can cooperate by teaching at home. This can make a student more studious and a better learner.

Despite that, there are some situations in which parents and teachers do not get along very well. They may disagree upon various topics regarding the student and this may affect the education of the student negatively. It can also lead to the child being neglected by the teacher because of a feud with the parents. This can, therefore, harm the childs academics and have a far worse effect on his result.

In my opinion, parent teacher conferences are a wonderful thing. They can improve the education of a student by ensuring he studies both at home and school. Parent teacher cooperation can positively affect students’ studies, if they get along well. The parents can also make the child study at home by adding a little pressure but not forcing him to study. This can still keep the child interested in studying and hence improving his result.

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