‘Describe your favorite person’ by Fatima Ahmad



Seven billion people in this world, seven billion smiles and yet only one that makes me reciprocate. I walk past hundreds of people every day, victim to public influence but no matter whom I encounter or the paths I cross, my heart is tattooed to one and one person only.


She smiles and my whole world lights up, almost as if her mere presence eradicates darkness. With a collection of straight, glistening white teeth, the corners of her mouth turn; luscious lips form a gateway, joined by blushing cheekbones and an aligned jaw, revealing an innocent grin – and let me tell you, it is effortlessly flawless.


Her eyes are hypnotizing; appealing green orbs that stare reflectively at you are surrounded by a meticulously made-up layer of dark, black eyelashes and colorful eyelids. Those pair of eyes illuminates her clear, moisturized face – as perfect as perfection itself.


Wavy, black hair hangs loosely down her inclined back with its locks reaching her abdominals. As she walks, her hair flicks gracefully and covers her broad shoulders. A fluffy, plain beanie is neatly placed on her head and it looks as adorable as a newborn pup. Her gait is strictly feminine; long arms compliment her posture and fingers twirl at every halt. She walks sophisticatedly; unaware of the magic she trickles along passing people.


While in the midst of speaking her hands move with every word in admirable body language and you can tell by her face that she is being as truthful as she can be. A voice as soft as butter and as melodic as a harmonica exits her oval mouth. She delivers her thoughts eloquently – her way of communication naturally causes you to pay attention.


To me, her most spellbinding attribute is her intelligence. She makes it a duty to participate in the world’s crucial problems; she rightfully shouts her opinion from the rooftops and writes her feelings on the skylines, encouraging people to stand up for what they believe in, unafraid.


A down to earth person, she does not pay much notice to glamour and fame. Being a member of several charitable campaigns, she gives more than she gets. Her strive for justice is awe-inspiring and is, in fact, making an everlasting impact on today’s young minds. Her words hold intuition and she questions the world around, always searching for a reason why…and that is dedication.


She oozes out confidence yet has the humility of a nun. She breathes generosity while having the world at her feet. She withholds compassion despite some people’s disapprovals. She is making a name for herself while spreading love and peace. She is selflessly considerate and she is Lauren Jauregui.


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