‘Accident that happened in your life’ by Misha Ahmad

Yesterday, was the most dreadful day of my life. It all started two weeks ago when my beloved younger sister brought her fiancé home to meet our aged parents before their lavish destination wedding in Florence.
What walked through our wooden front door was an absolute shock to me. He was wearing a lilac button down shirt with the top two buttons open with ivory colored jeans. He wore patent leather shoes and his long hair was perfectly slicked back just like it was in highschool. It was him. It was Jason Fields, my first love, my highschool sweetheart.
Our parents greeted him like they had known him forever. An everlasting smile plastered across my sisters rosy face as she introduced Jason into my life… again. Everyone walked towards the living room except Jason and I. He walked towards me and a million memories flashed through my head. My heart was beating so loud, i was afraid he would hear it too.
“Hey, you,” he said in a musky deep voice that gave me butterflies everywhere inside of me.
“I was unaware you were marrying my little sister,” I exclaimed jokingly.
“What can I say, she is pretty terrific,” he replied.
“Does Sophie know that…you know…you and I?” I was asking him until he interrupted my sentence and took a leap forwards and whispered in a hushed tone.
“No! She doesn’t and I would like to keep it that way. I mean that was a long time ago and there is nothing between us anymore right? So why bother?”
I nodded and forced a smile on my white washed face as all the color had flushed out. He put out his hand for a shake and I abruptly held it. His hand fit in mine like it was made just for me. I gulped and looked into his eyes and he looked into mine. It was as if the whole ocean was in his fierce blue eyes. I felt that spark, that connection with him. Just like 8 years ago in HighSchool when we were together and happy than ever. Until I moved to NewYork for university and he went to London. That was when we parted ways.
The two weeks we spent together were like stretched years. I was a bundle of emotions: fear, guilt, anger, lonliness…love. I did not know what to do. I avoided being alone in the same room with him but sometimes it could just not be avoided. At one point I thought about confessing but I knew he did not feel the same way. He was deeply in love with my sister. Why would not he be? She had perfect blond locks and beautiful green eyes that shined like the brightest star and a perfect figure like the women in Vogue.
It was hard pretending like I do not still love him after all these years but it was even harder pretending like I do not care. Every breath I took made my heart ache. It was physical pain I felt from the inside. It was difficult to even imagine that after a few days, he would be someone else’s.
The dreaded day eventually arrived. I walked down the aisle as I was Sophie’s bride’s maid. He stood in front of me in his tuxedo. I loved the way his smile formed and the way he bit his lips when he was nervous. My sister gracefully walked down the aisle and, oh! She was looking flawless. They said their vows and wore their rings while I was breaking from the inside. It was official. Music played, people danced, while I sat in a corner picking petals off of a rose.
It may hurt to let go but sometimes it hurts more to hold on. I was happy for them. Right now they are probably off romancing in Italy on their honeymoon. I knew I would get through this, eventually. But oh it was an awful feeling I felt.It was an accident. I accidentally fell in love with my sisters fiancé.

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