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‘How important are parent teacher conferences?’ by Zoraiz Syed


Parent teacher conferences are meetings that take place between, well, parents and teachers. These happen after monthly intervals and discuss the progress of a student. Parent teacher conferences can have both advantages and disadvantages, which I will now present to you.

Firstly, parent teacher conferences can bring about improvements in a student. The teacher can discuss the issues of a student with his parents and they, on their part, can discuss it with him at home. The parents could convey their expectations to the child and this could motivate him to study harder. A friend of mine wanted to make his parents proud but for some reason, he could not obtain good grades. When his parents found out about this from his teachers, they told him about how much they expected from him and this further fueled his passion. Now he is an A* achiever!

On the other hand, there are some pupils who like to keep their school environment and home environment different. They do not want to study at home and want to maintain a stress free environment. But, due to parent teacher conferences, the parents start adding up pressure on the children to study harder and, since the children are not used to this, they cannot cope well and succumb to the pressure. This causes them to become rebellious and also has a negative effect on their academics. Another friend of mine was used to a stress free home but his grades started dropping and a parent teacher conference was held. The parents then began to force him to study but he could not deal with the stress and as a result, his grades worsened.

At the same time, parent teacher conferences can also give a boost to the students. When the teachers convey their problems to the parents, the parents can understand how better to deal with the child. The parents could set a particular academic target for a child, such as the number of A’s, and if the child achieves this target, they could give him a reward. An example of this is that if a student is failing a subject and the teacher is worried about him, she could inform his parents and they could set a target such as ‘pass two tests and he will earn an iphone.’ This will motivate the student because who does not want an iphone!

In contrast, some students can get discouraged by bad results. The parents, on hearing of the bad result, can sometimes start to discourage the children and they may get disheartened. This can cause them to develop a negative attitude and their academic progress may deteriorate.

Conversely, a parent teacher conference can be helpful for a student as it can lead to better cooperation between the parents and the teacher. They can work together as a team for the betterment of the child and cooperate in ways to help the child achieve better results. The teacher can, on her part, teach the child at school while the parents can cooperate by teaching at home. This can make a student more studious and a better learner.

Despite that, there are some situations in which parents and teachers do not get along very well. They may disagree upon various topics regarding the student and this may affect the education of the student negatively. It can also lead to the child being neglected by the teacher because of a feud with the parents. This can, therefore, harm the childs academics and have a far worse effect on his result.

In my opinion, parent teacher conferences are a wonderful thing. They can improve the education of a student by ensuring he studies both at home and school. Parent teacher cooperation can positively affect students’ studies, if they get along well. The parents can also make the child study at home by adding a little pressure but not forcing him to study. This can still keep the child interested in studying and hence improving his result.

‘How important are parent-teacher conferences? Discuss’ by Afnan Kadir


Parent-teacher conferences are an opportunity for the parents to meet and communicate with their child’s teachers. These conferences give parents an opportunity to follow their child’s progress. Now, why would children get a scolding from their parents if they did not know their child’s grades?

Many parents think that a parent-teacher conference is an excellent opportunity for them to follow their child’s progress and work on their studies to improve their grades. People in favour of parent-teacher conferences claim that the reason why seventy percent of students get good marks is because of these conferences. Furthermore, other supporters of the conferences say that it would be impossible for children to attain good grades if the parents do not keep an eye on them unless the child is a very keen student. However, some students think that they are now old enough to study themselves. Thirty percent of the population of the world argues that students who are young adults should study themselves or else they will get dependent on their parents.

People against these conferences say that parents would just be pampering their children if they help them in their education. A recent study also found that forty percent of the students who are helped by their parents in their studies have difficulty in getting forward in the real life and would be counting on their parents to do everything for them.

Furthermore, parent-teacher conferences also help parents and teachers to work as a team. Parents could study the child’s mistakes and could work on them with the child to correct them. Research tells us that parent-teacher team has lead to sixty percent of the students being able to attain excellent grades. Some parents and teachers who support these conferences say that it would be impossible to attain good grades without their team work.

However, opponents of the conferences say that many parents have a fight or an argument with their child’s teacher on the first parent-teacher conference. Twenty percent of the people who oppose the topic say that it is impossible for parents and teachers to do team work as parents are always arguing with the teachers over their child’s grades.

Likewise, parent-teacher conferences also help to improve the behavior of the child. The teacher may tell the parent how the child behaves in the class and if his or her attitude and behavior is terrible, then the parents could work on the child’s behavior and improve it.

Supporters of these conferences say that ten percent of students have an excellent attitude because of these meetings. In contrast, some parents might scold the child because of his terrible behavior because of which the child may get angry and show a worse behaviour. Research tells us that five percent of the students have a horrifying attitude because of these conferences.

In conclusion, I would like to say that these conferences are mostly successful. I have come to this conclusion as there is mounting evidence that the conferences are a success while there is sleek evidence of the fact that these conferences tend to fail.

‘Accident that happened in your life’ by Misha Ahmad

Yesterday, was the most dreadful day of my life. It all started two weeks ago when my beloved younger sister brought her fiancé home to meet our aged parents before their lavish destination wedding in Florence.
What walked through our wooden front door was an absolute shock to me. He was wearing a lilac button down shirt with the top two buttons open with ivory colored jeans. He wore patent leather shoes and his long hair was perfectly slicked back just like it was in highschool. It was him. It was Jason Fields, my first love, my highschool sweetheart.
Our parents greeted him like they had known him forever. An everlasting smile plastered across my sisters rosy face as she introduced Jason into my life… again. Everyone walked towards the living room except Jason and I. He walked towards me and a million memories flashed through my head. My heart was beating so loud, i was afraid he would hear it too.
“Hey, you,” he said in a musky deep voice that gave me butterflies everywhere inside of me.
“I was unaware you were marrying my little sister,” I exclaimed jokingly.
“What can I say, she is pretty terrific,” he replied.
“Does Sophie know that…you know…you and I?” I was asking him until he interrupted my sentence and took a leap forwards and whispered in a hushed tone.
“No! She doesn’t and I would like to keep it that way. I mean that was a long time ago and there is nothing between us anymore right? So why bother?”
I nodded and forced a smile on my white washed face as all the color had flushed out. He put out his hand for a shake and I abruptly held it. His hand fit in mine like it was made just for me. I gulped and looked into his eyes and he looked into mine. It was as if the whole ocean was in his fierce blue eyes. I felt that spark, that connection with him. Just like 8 years ago in HighSchool when we were together and happy than ever. Until I moved to NewYork for university and he went to London. That was when we parted ways.
The two weeks we spent together were like stretched years. I was a bundle of emotions: fear, guilt, anger, lonliness…love. I did not know what to do. I avoided being alone in the same room with him but sometimes it could just not be avoided. At one point I thought about confessing but I knew he did not feel the same way. He was deeply in love with my sister. Why would not he be? She had perfect blond locks and beautiful green eyes that shined like the brightest star and a perfect figure like the women in Vogue.
It was hard pretending like I do not still love him after all these years but it was even harder pretending like I do not care. Every breath I took made my heart ache. It was physical pain I felt from the inside. It was difficult to even imagine that after a few days, he would be someone else’s.
The dreaded day eventually arrived. I walked down the aisle as I was Sophie’s bride’s maid. He stood in front of me in his tuxedo. I loved the way his smile formed and the way he bit his lips when he was nervous. My sister gracefully walked down the aisle and, oh! She was looking flawless. They said their vows and wore their rings while I was breaking from the inside. It was official. Music played, people danced, while I sat in a corner picking petals off of a rose.
It may hurt to let go but sometimes it hurts more to hold on. I was happy for them. Right now they are probably off romancing in Italy on their honeymoon. I knew I would get through this, eventually. But oh it was an awful feeling I felt.It was an accident. I accidentally fell in love with my sisters fiancé.

Youssef’s dream Pg: 110 Q. Write an online magazine article about the life and dreams of an ordinary boy, Youssef, living in the slums of Hay An Najat, Casablanca. In your article include the following: • How he survives day to day • What he does every week (watches movie at the Star cinema) • Why he never misses a show Think carefully about the purpose of your article and the audience for whom it is intended. BY NAISH ABBAS



“Youssef’s Goal”

Where Youssef, a young child’s life and dream is told.

By Naish Abbas

October 31, 2016

Everybody has a dream and they are all different from each other’s. They are a part of life which is experienced by the whole mankind. They all have a meaning; some are unintentional; some have a purpose behind it. Youssef’s, whose hopes were high, lived with his mother in Hay An Najat in Casablanca; where he had a dream. A dream that he desperately wishes; a dream that comes to reality; a dream that is no longer a dream; Youssef who wants to be an actor and have dreams of escape through a life in movies.

Youssef lived with his mother in a white washed house which had only one room with no windows and a roof made of corrugated tins. The cooking area was open to sky. It had not rained in Hay An Najat for a long period of time and suddenly began to drizzle. Youssef grabbed a picture of his father which he took inside, wiped the rain drops and left it in his room – next to his bed. The family of Youssef were in a difficult situation and survived with very little food. His mother took care of him and treated him as a small child. He was the only child. When he finished eating, he would check for a movie and wonder which movie he would like to see this week. He watched movies every week! The cinema he would go to was Star Cinema. Nevertheless, every week a new older was displayed on a cracked screen in Star cinema. For five dirhams, Youssef could watch Hong Kong action films, Bollywood romances, Egyptian dramas or American block buster all sort of movies, dramas. He had never missed a show. His dreams were of becoming an actor. He wished to have an athlete chest on an actors body. He dreamed big! He loved imagining. Dreams have no limits and should be big, should it not be?

Although, Youssef knew that his dreams were unachievable; he dreamed big and imagined a new life in his dream where there was no stopping and could enjoy his dreams.

A similar incidence had occurred in my friends life, Abdul Qadir who dreamed big and did not care about others. He now stands as a famous man in the Hollywood where every single university uses he experience as a motivational to help other students to strive for more and become successful. Life could be hard if a person is not provided with the basic necessities as others. It will be hard to live a normal life! Having nothing would lead to a boring life, would it not?

Youssef El Mekki lived a very difficult life with his mother in a half broken house. It was his hopes that could achieve his dreams and live a better life. Mr. Amir Abdullah said: “live life to the fullest because life is too short so make the most of it”.

The Dinosaur Hunter Pg:82 Q. Write a magazine article for your school on the archaeological discoveries of Mary Anning. In your article include the following: • Why did Mary dig relics at the beach • What did Joseph discover • What was Mary’s discovery and what was its impact. BY ZORAIZ SYED


Dino Discovery

Joseph and Mary discover a new species of Dinosaurs that baffles Scientists!

Author: Zoraiz Syed

Date:  October 31st, 2016

For all those readers interested in prehistoric times and weird species, this is a must read for you! Mary Anning, a girl of just twelve or thirteen, has unearthed a huge, unknown, unique species of dinosaurs. This new species had made scientists scratch their heads for atleast a decade before they found out what it was. A renowned scientist, Professor Xavier, is reported to have said, “We could not figure out what this ‘thing’ was. It was just through the advancement of time and technology that this ‘thing’ came out to be known as ‘Duria Antiquior’.” Unearthing things is a great deal of fun, especially if the object turns out to be a Dino! There is always so much mystery and so much history right under our feet that motivates archaeologists and paleontologists to dig, dig and dig! How would you react if you unearthed an unknown object?

Mary and Joseph were two siblings who used to search the beach for fossils. They came from a humble family and could not afford much. However, discovering relics earned them enough money for atleast a week as these were bought by people interested in fossils. The income earned by selling the fossils encouraged the siblings to search for more relics, just the same way as you would start studying more if the school offered you money!

On one occasion, Joseph unearthed a skull of what appeared to be a crocodile. It appeared to be four feet long, with its eyes gazing into Josephs soul. The large jaws were filled by sharp teeth, joining together like a puzzle. The soul-gazing eyes were in sockets like large tea cups. With the aid of more men, Joseph further unearthed the skull which was just the beginning of further discoveries….

A year after the discovery, Mary made another discovery. This time it was the rest of the body of the fossil. The backbone was sixty vertebrae long with the ribs forced into one side. The other, clearer side showed the body of the creature. It also had a long tail. As the fossil was further uncovered, it proved to be seventeen feet long!

Now the reader might be asking why I am telling you all this or what is the importance of this discovery. Well firstly, this discovery took place in the 1800s, a time when technology was non-existent and the world was still developing. It was, therefore, a difficult task to find out about this creature.

Secondly, unearthing dinosaurs is always interesting. It tells about the past and uncovers many secrets of history. Another scientist, Professor Muazam, stated about the discovery that it revealed many things such as that dinosaurs have different structures, they had their habitats in different environments and they could also adapt to the different situations. All these discoveries have been proven to be the foundation of many scientific phenomenons.

Alas young readers, this was the story of Mary and her lamb, apologies, I mean dinosaur! By discovering fossils Mary and her brother Joseph could support their family financially. Josephs discovery of the skull led to Mary discovering the whole fossil and science learning new things.

‘Is online learning as good as face to face learning?’ by Zoraiz Syed


Online learning is basically studying through ‘the power of the internet.’ It is becoming increasingly common in many parts across the globe. Online learning has many advantages but it also has a great deal of disadvantages, as compared to face to face learning.

Firstly, online learning can help educate people in places where educators cannot reach. The teachers may not be able to reach a certain place because of unavailability of roads or no proper infrastructure or even because of threat to life. But these places may have an internet connection which would enable them to achieve their studies online. There is a city called Transylvania in the country of Panem. The governors of this country are very strongly opposed to education and therefore the lives of the educators are threatened here. However, this city has complete access to the internet and the people who want to study can do so through online browsing.

On the other hand, there are some places which have no internet at all. These places make up about 60% of the globe. They are mostly rural areas which are poor and cannot even afford electricity. In these places, face to face learning is the only form of education and it is excelling very well. These ‘rural areas’ have produced tons of successful scientists for example Dr. Ali, Dr. Lin, Dr. Dre and more. These were all a result of face to face learning.

Despite that, online learning is more effective than face to face learning. In online learning, there are deadlines which have to be met at the exact given date or time. If the deadline is not met, the online learning scheduled for a person becomes disrupted. For example, I have to submit an essay on the advantages of online learning by Friday the 13th. If I do not, I will start to lack behind in my studies as work will start to pile up. Therefore, online learning ensures efficiency and prevents laziness and procrastination,

However, in face to face learning there is less pressure on the students which enables them to work better. In face to face learning, when a teacher gives a task and a deadline, and the student fails to complete it in the given time, the teacher can take certain ‘actions’ to prevent it from happening again. For example the teacher could deduct the marks or scold the pupil or, every students favorite, complain to the parents! This can bring about improvements in the child as he would now work harder and better than before to successfully complete his tasks.

On the contrary, in online learning, there are no scolding’s or punishments of the student. This is a remarkable feature since punishing a student can embarrass him very much and this may have negative effects. The student can become demoralized and will start getting a negative result. This may lead to him getting further punishments up until the point that he is so used to these that it has no effect on him anymore. This can cause him to not care much about studying and start failing. A poll from the University of Sialkot showed that 80% of students who were given punishments during three out of five days of school failed miserably in their final examinations.

Nonetheless, online learning can also be very costly. The cost of face to face learning depends on different things such as the area, type of school and such similar examples. It is suitable for all classes of people. Online learning, however, can  be expensive and some people may not be able to afford it, depriving them of education. An online course of Physics costs about Rs5000 a week! Who would want to pay that kind of money?

In my opinion, online learning can never be as good as face to face learning. Face to face learning helps the student and the teacher interact better which helps in getting better results. It also enables people who are both poor and rich to get the same quality of education. However, the world is modernizing and face to face learning needs to come out of the traditional way and become modern with the world.

‘Describe your favorite person’ by Fatima Ahmad



Seven billion people in this world, seven billion smiles and yet only one that makes me reciprocate. I walk past hundreds of people every day, victim to public influence but no matter whom I encounter or the paths I cross, my heart is tattooed to one and one person only.


She smiles and my whole world lights up, almost as if her mere presence eradicates darkness. With a collection of straight, glistening white teeth, the corners of her mouth turn; luscious lips form a gateway, joined by blushing cheekbones and an aligned jaw, revealing an innocent grin – and let me tell you, it is effortlessly flawless.


Her eyes are hypnotizing; appealing green orbs that stare reflectively at you are surrounded by a meticulously made-up layer of dark, black eyelashes and colorful eyelids. Those pair of eyes illuminates her clear, moisturized face – as perfect as perfection itself.


Wavy, black hair hangs loosely down her inclined back with its locks reaching her abdominals. As she walks, her hair flicks gracefully and covers her broad shoulders. A fluffy, plain beanie is neatly placed on her head and it looks as adorable as a newborn pup. Her gait is strictly feminine; long arms compliment her posture and fingers twirl at every halt. She walks sophisticatedly; unaware of the magic she trickles along passing people.


While in the midst of speaking her hands move with every word in admirable body language and you can tell by her face that she is being as truthful as she can be. A voice as soft as butter and as melodic as a harmonica exits her oval mouth. She delivers her thoughts eloquently – her way of communication naturally causes you to pay attention.


To me, her most spellbinding attribute is her intelligence. She makes it a duty to participate in the world’s crucial problems; she rightfully shouts her opinion from the rooftops and writes her feelings on the skylines, encouraging people to stand up for what they believe in, unafraid.


A down to earth person, she does not pay much notice to glamour and fame. Being a member of several charitable campaigns, she gives more than she gets. Her strive for justice is awe-inspiring and is, in fact, making an everlasting impact on today’s young minds. Her words hold intuition and she questions the world around, always searching for a reason why…and that is dedication.


She oozes out confidence yet has the humility of a nun. She breathes generosity while having the world at her feet. She withholds compassion despite some people’s disapprovals. She is making a name for herself while spreading love and peace. She is selflessly considerate and she is Lauren Jauregui.


‘How important is a parent teacher conference?Discuss.’ By Zain Ajmal


What is a parent-teacher conference?It is not an ordinary conference in it our parents as well as our teachers tend to pin point our mistakes and try to improve us.However,not every student is willing to improve,nor some parents are interested in their child’s progress.Lets talk about some advantages and disadvantages of parent teacher conference.

First of all,a parent-teacher conference can inform our parents with our progress.The teachers can talk openly to our parents and direct them towards the loop holes.A parent can be well guided about his child’s progress and he/she can rectify them by giving more time to their child.Which is a clear evidence that if a child is weak in any subject,they should help their child rather than telling them to do it on their own.However,a parent-teacher conference is like an open book and,as a result,at times a child gets embarrassed when the teacher starts complaining about their studies.The parents are disgraced and unhappy with the progress.On the other hand,the child might loose hope towards improving their grades and might worsen their progress.Which is likely to happen as when a parent tries to force the child to do something with a stern look or reserved smile,the child will eventually do it incorrectly in order to get rid off the stern look.

Supporters of this topic feel that through a parent teacher conference,parents get to know the type of behavior their child is showing towards their teachers.If a child’s attitude is rude and arrogant,the parents usually try to repair that and hope that their child’s behavior normally.They do it by giving child a suitable environment so that,the child does not feel neglected and does not take out his anger in his clsss.Unfortunately,at times trying to improve a child’s behavior,parents put a great deal of pressure on a child and instead of grooming them,they resist and retaliate more.The child gets stubborn and does not listen to anyone.This makes the situation even worse.

Thirdly,a parent teacher conference puts the parents and the teachers on the same page.Which is a clear example that when both the parents and the teachers know what a child is capable of and try to maintain the balance both in home as well as in school.In this way,the child is not left astray.A clear example is me,myself!Lets be honest,I was poor in English.I barely passed,but after the parent teacher conference,my teacher and my parents both gave me extra time and now I am a brilliant writer.Despite of that,children prefer to keep their school environment separate from their home.They do not like experiencing the same theme over and over again.They become rebellious.Their academic status diminishes and their grades are gradually decreasing.My friend Morgan got paranoid because whenever he used to go to school or come back home,he was lectured on the same topic:’Improve yourself.’No one can push a child beyond his/her limits.It is better to leave the school aroma in school!

Keeping in mind all of the above stated reasons,I strongly agree with a parent teacher conference.The main reason behind it is that the parents as well as the teachers are working together to improve a child.As a result,not only a child gets better in his studies,he also acknowledges the efforts put by their elders to make them a better person.

‘Is online learning as good as face to face learning?Discuss.’ By Zain Ajmal


Learning is something from which mostly majority of the people keep distance from.They think it is time consuming and keep the logic to keep the business of their parents.On the other hand,there are people whose main motive is to learn and excel further in life.With the passage of time,learning comes under different categories,namely;face to face learning and online learning.Many people think that online learning is not very effective. Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online learning.

Let me start with the advantages of online learning.

Firstly it is a new era and people are extremely smart and clever.It is a modern way of learning through which students get to stay at home and receive the same type of education through their gadgets.They can talk freely without any interruption.Moreover,the person can give more time at a specific topic in which he faces difficulty.He does not have to worry about the duration of the class.Despite of that,the main issue in online learning is network problem.It is very common now a days.This leads to interruption between the teacher and the student.They would not be able to convey their messages properly and will face a lack of communication.In certain conditions,this leads to disagreement between the teacher and the student,which is a clear example that they can not be online at the same time.Lectures will be missed and will effect the students academic progress.I had a friend who studied online and, due to lack of communication through internet problems,his notes were incomplete and he flunked his exam.

Believers of this topic will say that online learning is the new way to float a boat,as it is cheap method yet successful for learning.It is not only a relief for students it is a huge relief for parents.Now their child can study with less expenses.It is an easy way of communication.There are no hard and fast rules.Both of them can easily carry their class without distractions.A recent study found out that over seventy percent of population is turning towards online learning as it is less time consuming and an easy way for communication.Challengers of the topic would argue it by stating that online learning contains one of the major setbacks,that is,the teacher student relationship.While sitting face to face,a students can ask the teacher and the teacher can explain him thoroughly in order to make his concept clear.The teacher gets to know a student better and there is a friendly aroma in the class.Unlike in online learning,there is no other purpose than learning without uttering any word out of context.My friend Jacob used to study in school but when he started studying online he tried to be friendly with the teacher as he was in the school but, eventually the teacher stopped teaching him because of his attitude.This clearly demonstrates that a friendly aroma between a student and a teacher is necessary along with education.Through this a student can study happily and the teacher can teach happily.

People in favour of this topic would believe that online learning is equal I’m degree to face to face learning as online learning provides the same amount of effort by the teacher to educate the child and, the child would put in the same amount of effort.It is a wrong concept that face to face learning is more effective.If a student commits to focus and study then if it is either online or face to face learning he would do it easily.Students scored outstanding result in their externals through online learning.Which is evident that online leering is so beneficial as face to face learning.On the other hand,there are many technical issues present in online learning.First of all,not every students gets the permission to study online.People believe going to school and study face to face is the only solution.Which is evident that my own father encourages face to face learning.At times of online learning,a student can come across an inappropriate content which may be harmful for his knowledge.It can distract him and can provoke at times as well.

Keeping in mind the above mentioned points,I,without a doubt,agree that online learning is as good as face to face learning.No matter what the environment is if a student wants to study,if he is determined to study,then he can study either way.This is just another reason for a narrow minded person.It is time to prove them wrong!