‘IF PAPA HADN’T DANCED’ by Zahra Sajid


I liked this passage because it was very emotional.In this passage a poor and innocent family has to leave behind their country just because of an unjust ruler.

The title ‘If papa hadn’t danced’ tells me what the passage is about and it made me emotional.The author ‘Patrica Mc Cormick’ is a short story writer and this makes me curious because I do not know her.This is a fictional short story for example: ‘It seemed lifestyle until he returned’ This reminded me of my home.

The theme is ‘Being free’ for example: ‘I want you to be the first in our family to taste freedom’ This example made me want to cry.This content is that a poor family is going to another country for instance: ‘It was then i saw the long metal fence which uncoiled like a snake’ This tells me that they are moving to another country and they have difficulties.The purpose is to tell people what is freedom for instance: ‘I redoubled my effort’ This makes the reader feel bad as a poor family is leaving the country just because of an unjust ruler.

The audience is Young adults and adults for instance: ‘Take me,’Papa begged him’. ‘Spare the women and the girl.’ This makes me emotional that his father is so much loving he is risking his own life to save his family.The style of the passage is Narrative and it is very well described for example: ‘I scrambled through the fence,stood next to the man in the orange jumpsuit and looked back at our homeland as the sun began to turn its field to gold’This example shows how well the author had described.The tone is emotional for example: ‘she knelt in the sand,her arms outstretched,our few coins in her upturn palms’This creates emotional thoughts because the mother thought that she and her family was going to die.

this passage has a great amount of punctuation for instance:’Someone the man in the orange jumpsuit,must likely – had mended it with links of chain held tight with wire.’It adds stress to some specific words.The attitude is suspenseful for example:’I woke up some time later and saw that papa’s mat was empty.’This creates a great deal of suspense for the reader and he wants to read on to find out what happens.The sentence structure is variable with dialogues for example:’You will miss it for a long time,’The man said to me.’I still do.’ This makes the passage look attractive.

There is a variation of long and short paragraphs.The short paragraphs.The short paragraphs have two-three lines and long paragraphs have six to nine lines.This makes the passage look attractive.The only three figures of speech for example:simile:’Uncoiled like a snake. Alliteration:’Fail if i falltered.’This  does not attract the reader as I think there should have been more figures of speech.

By reading this I started respecting my freedom and it makes me want to read more about my country.

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