‘My Favourite Food’ by Zoraiz Syed


The smell of freshly baked tortilla bread walks from the doors of the kitchen into the nostrils of the foodie as he waits to devour a scrumptious meal of Quesadillas. He waits to see a big pile of boneless, golden-brown chicken, topped onto a bed of fresh, green, leafy lettuce. He waits to see the chicken drizzled in a creamy, sour-cream sauce which would make his taste buds pop with zingy flavor. Most of all, he waits for the dark white slice of cheddar cheese, heated at exactly ten degrees to provide a warm blanket of melted goodness over the saucy chicken and lettuce. His mouth begins to drool as he sees the waiter, an angel from God, bringing his lovely plate of happiness, all wrapped up in the crisp, golden tortilla bread that he first smelt when he entered the restaurant,

The angel settles the plate of Quesadillas right in front of the foodie, whose greedy eyes had been stalking the food since the beginning of the parade. He proceeds to pick up a fork and knife, but decides to enjoy the authenticity of the food. He rolls up the sleeves of his checkered cotton shirt, grabs the body of the Quesadilla and engulfs it, slowly. His eyes close after that mesmerizing first bite, as he savors every bit of the creamy meal and then reaches out for another and another and another….

The puffy texture of the bread rubs against the insides of his cheek as its warmth converts his mouth into a heater. Following the light, airy bread, came the heavy, filling chicken covered in sour-cream and cheese. The tanginess of the sour-cream was balanced out by the saltiness of the cheese as the couple enveloped the rich, juicy cut of meat, providing the foodie with a blissful feeling. His teeth munched away at the chicken, every bite leading to more. The freshly cut lettuce provided a feeling of healthy eating to the heavy, rich meal.

To conclude this Mexican extravaganza, the foodie gulped a large amount of mint margarita. The freshness of the mint awoke his senses and the coolness of the ice restored the coolness of his mouth. Together, these two cleared his palate and he became hungry for more.

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