‘AO2: Telling Rowdy’ by Rumel Rana


The passage is very emotional. It tells me to what extend some people go for friendship.

The title tells me what the passage is about. For example: ‘Telling Rowdy’. The intended effect tells me that Rowdy is being told about something.

The author is ‘Sherman Alexie’ who is a short story writer. The intended effect relates to Native Americans.

The genre is fiction. For example: ‘I do know that hope for me is like a some mythical creature’. The intended effect makes me read this story from which I will come to know the life style of Indians and Rearden kids.

The theme is friendship. For example: ‘You can still come with me ‘and ‘You’re still my best friend’. The intended effect is pathos.

The content tells that they both are trying to remain friends. For example: ‘You can still come with me’. The intended effect reminds me the love of friendship.

The purpose is entertainment. For example: ‘My heart broke into fourteen pieces’. The intended effect makes the reader feel emotional and curious to read more.

The audience is young adults. For example: ‘Don’t touch me, you idiot!’. The intended effect stimulates emotion.

The style is narrative. For example: ‘You’ll never do it’, ‘You’re too scared’. The intended effect adds color to the story and makes it more intense.

The tone is sorrowful. For example: ‘It was pain, pure pain’. The intended effect induces strong emotion.

The attitude is critical. For example: ‘I have to go. I’m going to die if I don’t leave’. The intended effect is intense and makes reader emotional.

The punctuation is in a great amount. For example: ‘I’m doing it … I’m going to Rearden tomorrow’. The intended effect is to gain attention.

The sentence structure is mostly dialogues. For example: “Rowdy’, I said, ‘I’m as serious as a tumor’. The intended effect creates a clear image of what is happening in the plot.

The paragraphing is mostly short paragraphs. For example: Short paragraph is of one line and long paragraph is of four-six lines. The intended effect is easy to read and understand.

The F.O.S are in variation. For example: Hyperbole: ‘My heart broke into fourteen pieces’. The intended effect is that it creates picture.

The conclusion is pathos and makes me want to read the whole story.

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