‘Sometimes lies can have serious consequences’- by Misha Ahmad

Sweat trickled down my neck. I could hear my heart beat louder than ever. My hands trembled as I tried to grasp the cold water in the plastic paper cup with my hand-cuffed wrists. I spilled some and it ran down my shirt which was drenched with sweat. I looked around and there was nothing but black walls. I was blinded by the white light of the lamp on the table in front of me. I sat in unrest waiting for my doom. I knew I would not get away from this lie.
The metal door creaked open and a big muscular shadow walked towards me. I could not see his face until he sat infront of me, the white ligjt reflecting his stern face.
“I am officer Jason Black and I am here to interrogate you on the death of Emily Rose,” he said sternly in a deep hollow voice that echoed that empty room.
“I dont know why…why I’m here”, I said trembling.
“You know exactly why you are here Mrs.Parker”
“Where were you yesterday at 7:15pm?” He questioned.
“I was at home with my husband, I made food, we watched a movie and went to sleep. Thats all.” I said.
The officer flicked through some files and told me that Emily Rose was found dead at the side of the road. Her head was smashed open and her legs were broken after the police analyzed the body.
I gave my condolences and pretended like I knew nothing about the incident. I knew he was not buying it. He kept asking me questions I did not know answers to. I did not sign up for this. I did not want this. The only thing I wanted was to get out of that room and run as fast as I could. I felt guilty not telling them the truth. It was injustice to her innocent life and her precious family, who were sitting in the hallways, crying, sobbing demanding the police to find the one responsible for her death.
“Mrs.Parker, your husband is in the next room, being interrogated like you and if your answers do not match each other there will be serious consequences…. I hope you understand that.”
I looked down and sighed deeply and shook my head.
“Were you driving the range rover that hit Emily Rose on street 57, Orchard boulevard yesterday at around 7:10pm?”
“NO!” I shouted in anger. ” I DIDNT KILL HER!” Tears ran down my pale cheeks, my lips trembled. I held my throbbing head with my shaking hands. “But I know who did…” I finally admitted.
The officer gazed at me, he looked into my eyes and told me to tell him everything I knew.
I told him everything how it was my husband who was driving that night and hit her. I cried, I sobbed, fear ran down my spine. I pleaded the officer that I was a mistake and he did not mean to. It was an accident. Nothing more. Charles was a good man and a good father.
By the time I finished my confession, I regretted everything I had just blurted out more than anything. I should not have lied because it was me who was driving that night. It was me who hit her. The officer unlocked my handcuffs. I walked out the room. I saw them arresting Charles. They pulled back his arms and handcuffed him taking him away. He looked at me,amazed. That moment seemed to last forever. His lips mouthed; ” What’s going on?” And I shrugged my shoulders and wiped away my tears.
I knew there would be serious consequences to my lie and I should not have blamed it on Charles. But what is done is done.

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