‘Q.We all eat to stay alive,but everyone has a favourite food.Describe your favourite food/dish/cuisine’ by Zain Ajmal


The thick crunchy crust controlling the cheese from flooding out is mouth watering.Small bean like pieces embedded in the cheese like a knot even make it better.Sprinkles of olives scattered around all over the the area.It is simply the best thing that could ever happen to me!

When it is placed in the cooking range,it turns out even prettier than before.The smell of it baking inside is like olives mixed with a touch of mushroom sauce.Looking at it in the cooking range,growing like a flower out of the bloom is love at first sight.The thin crust slowly becomes wider,thicker and crunchier!The cheese slowly drips down the crust,desperate to crawl out of it,so that it does not get swallowed by my mouth.

The moment it is placed on the table,I am eager to grab it and eat it in just one huge bite!The pale crust honoured with the presence of cheese filling is the first inclination towards grabbing it and eating it like a maniac.It is very hard to resist such desperation.Grabbing a piece that is twice the size of my mouth makes me forget everything and I just concentrate on the slice being in my mouth.The moment I take my first bite,the thick crust is crippled under my teeth making it soft and smooth.The presence of cheese along with it is very pleasant.The hot cheese,reaching every end of my mouth overwhelms my craving for it.Eating it requires peace,because then you can slowly feel the delicious mixture of ingredients compiled together and forming a round dish requires no disturbance.

The addition of mashed potatoes just makes it perfect.Taking one bite of it and a handful of mashed potatoes is absolutely amazing.My mouth gets filled with food and there is no space for air.I just keep on feeding as if I had been craving food for over a century.Nonetheless,it is my most favourite food that I can never abandon.It has been by my side like a guardian angel.It is my chicken cheese pizza!

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