‘Q.People gather at places like malls,fair grounds,schools,sports fields,etc. Describe a crowded place in your town so that your reader can feel as if he/she is there’ by Zain Ajmal


“Run…run as fast as you can!” Screamed Rick.
“We need to reach the gate.”exclaimed Rick.
It was not just an ordinary run.It was a race that our lives depended on.It was a zombie apocalypse!

We were running as fast as lighting.Sweat was oozing down my spine,my eyes were searching for the gate that was hiding in the mist.It was like an endless run.My ankles were pleading for forgiveness,and my head was throbbing as if someone was draining my brain out of my wide skull.

I could hear them behind us.Their voices were growing…it seemed as they were right behind us eager to grab us and cherish their long awaited hunger.The closer we got towards the gate,the zombies started picking pace.They were in sheer desperation to eat us by every limb.I could smell their presence everywhere.The town was flooded with zombies!The thick trees kept on growing and enclosing on my friend and me.Was this our final run?

The forest seemed as if it’s intention was not to let us walk out alive.Walkers were crawling out from everywhere like ants.My heart was pounding extremely violently,giving my lungs no space to breathe.I…I could not breathe.I could feel my heart beating faster every second and my lungs unable to pump.The forest was deserted,and there were no remains of wild life.It was an extinct to all sorts of species.The trees were growing pale and animals scattered all around with little or no life.The smell was overwhelming with the dead men walking.It was the world of the DEAD!

Running for my life,I lost track of Rick.I could feel his absence.Now the walkers had me for their lunch!The town was like hell on Earth,with no hope for people like us.The forest gave up.Now the old barren street got hold of me.Cars were wrecked and the buildings were enlightened with the presence of fire.The houses were isolated and left astray.However,the dead men filled our presence.

I could feel that I was closer to my destination.The leaves crippled under my feet along with my delicate steps trying to avoid the attraction of more of them towards me.After a while,there was a black rectangular shaped wall standing infront of me.It was the gate!The zombies pursued their run like wild animals.I tried to climb it,but it was like climbing a mountain.It grew longer.My foot slipped and my sweaty hands lost their grip,and I landed straight in the arms of my blood thirsty friends.They finally had their lunch….

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