‘Favourite Food’ by Misha Ahmad

Food is a blessing sent from up above. When I talk about my favorite dish, its impossible to decide. Creamy chicken and mushroom soup as the steamy mushrooms slide past my tongue. Or Italian ravioli, as the delicate pockets of pasta filled with spinach and cottage cheese dance in the rick tomato sauce. Or it could be thin crusty pizza with a layer of mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, turkey bacon which lie in top of a flavorful red sauce.
I love savory, but what I really devour is dessert. Those devils steering on those white plates after meals get me swinging side to side. A long list stretches from classic apple pie, as you slice into the golden brown dough, it makes that crisp sound of buttery, flaky, perfectly baked apple pie with perfectly sliced apples garnished with cinnamon. From the classic three layered chocolate fudge cake, with the milk chocolate frosting and moist sponge cake making that intense chocolatey flavor last on your tongue. Fresh macarons out of the oven, as I bite into the blueberry and mint macaron the chewiness of the filling gets to me every time.
All these desserts are exemplary, but my favorite one? Oh! It beats them all! Its a devil with its devious snare the first time you look at it. With every bite you come back for more. Its worse than nicotine, but oh! How much I love it.
Served to you on a white plate, it stands right in the middle. With it, its partner, the both make a match made in heaven. Sprinkled with icing sugar making it look like a snowy frost on a volcano. Occasionally it is garnished with fresh tangy raspberries that marry the flavors. As you take your silver spoon and cut through the middle, it erupts like a volcano. All the hot chocolate oozes out like lava. I gather the most I can on my spoon and put it in my mouth. The velvety chocolate smothers in my mouth. Hot and steamy. The aroma of the lightly baked cake like texture overwhelms my senses. Just as it is about to get too hot a spoon full of vanilla bean ice cream next to it, balances the temperature bringing it down to neutral. It is merely exceptional. It is the work of a God.
It makes my heart race, my tastebuds dance and my hand reaches out for more. It is like love at first sight. Its as good as it looks. You could say its decadent…decadent molten lava cake.

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